9-14 September 2018
University of Ferrara
Europe/Rome timezone

Enhancements and suppressions of CP violating effect in the nucleons, nuclei, and atoms: role of the spin

12 Sep 2018, 16:40
A1 (Polo degli Adelardi - Via Adelardi, 33)


Polo degli Adelardi - Via Adelardi, 33

Parallel Sessions Fundamental Symmetries and Spin Physics Beyond the Standard Model Fundamental Symmetries and Spin Physics Beyond the Standard Model


Dr Nodoka Yamanaka (IPN Orsay)


The electric dipole moment (EDM) is a very sensitive probe of CP violation beyond the standard model, and it is measured in many systems such as atoms, neutrons, etc. The EDM of composite systems may be sensitive to several CP violating processes at the elementary level, but the theoretical evaluations of the CP violation at different physical (atomic, nuclear, hadronic) hierarchies are required to unveil them. In this context, we are particularly interested in which CP violating processes are enhanced in a given system, or vice versa. In this talk, I will give an overview of the enhancement and suppressions of CP violation in processes contributing to the EDMs of composite systems. It is inferred that the spin of the constituent is playing a crucial role in those mechanisms.

Primary author

Dr Nodoka Yamanaka (IPN Orsay)

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