9-14 September 2018
University of Ferrara
Europe/Rome timezone

The Pomeron spin-flip and its measurements

11 Sep 2018, 17:05
A8 (Polo degli Adelardi - Via Adelardi, 33)


Polo degli Adelardi - Via Adelardi, 33

Via Adelardi, 33
Parallel Sessions Spin Physics in Nuclear Reactions and Nuclei Spin physics in Nuclear Reactions and Nuclei


Michal Krelina (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María)


We investigate the spin-flip component of the Pomeron using the single spin asymmetry, $A_N(t)$, arising from Coulomb-nuclear interference (CNI) in small-angle elastic scattering. The study of elastic proton-nucleus scattering is important because it suppresses or excludes the contributions from iso-vector Reggeons which are predominantly spin-flip, and might have a significant impact on the results of fixed-target experiments at RHIC. However, previous theoretical attempts fail to explain the recent data from the RHIC on polarized proton-gold scattering, exposing a nontrivial $t$-dependence of $A_N$, strongly contradicting theoretical predictions. We found that the absorptive corrections in the Coulomb amplitude of $pA$ elastic scattering play a significant role. Namely, interference of ultra-peripheral and central collisions leads to a dramatic change in $A_N(t)$. We also include less significant corrections from Gribov inelastic shadowing, $NN$ correlations, and Odderon. Finally, we present that the non-zero hadron spin-flip amplitude is required to describe the single spin asymmetry proton and nuclear data. This allows us to make conclusions about the spin-flip pomeron behavior and its impact.

Primary author

Michal Krelina (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María)


Prof. Boris Kopeliovich (UTFSM)

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