9-14 September 2018
University of Ferrara
Europe/Rome timezone

Spin Physics with a fixed-target experiment at the LHC

13 Sep 2018, 16:40
A4 (Polo degli Adelardi - Via Adelardi, 33)


Polo degli Adelardi - Via Adelardi, 33

Via Adelardi, 33
Parallel Sessions 3D Structure of the Nucleon: TMDs 3D Structure of the Nucleon: TMDs


Dr Miguel Echevarria (INFN Pavia)


A fixed-target experiment using the LHC beams with a polarized target would offer a unique opportunity to study the internal structure of the nucleon. Recent studies have shown that a number of spin and azimuthal asymmetries are large enough to be precisely measured, allowing to constrain several non-perturbative functions which encode the three-dimensional spin structure of the nucleon, as the quark and gluon Sivers functions. In this talk I will review the ambitious spin physics program developed by the AFTER@LHC study group. I will confront the state-of-the-art theoretical predictions with the potential of a fixed-target experiment at the LHC to unravel the nucleon structure through different high-energy processes, using LHCb-like and ALICE-like detectors.

Primary author

Dr Miguel Echevarria (INFN Pavia)

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