9-14 September 2018
University of Ferrara
Europe/Rome timezone

COMPASS results on measurement of the spin-dependent structure function g_2 of the proton. (on behalf of the COMPASS Collaboration)

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University of Ferrara

University of Ferrara

Polo degli Adelardi Via Adelardi 33 Ferrara Italy
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Andrea Bressan (TS)


The spin-dependent structure function g_2 of the proton has been exacted by the COMPASS experiment (SPS, CERN) from DIS data collected in 2010 using 160 GeV/c muon beam and transversely polarized NH_3 target. Within the so-called Wandzura-Wilczek approximation, g2 can be related to the spin-dependent structure function g_1 while from the constraints imposed by Lorentz invariance relations, it is expected to be linked to the first k_T-moment of the g_{1T} TMD PDF. The extraction of g_2 virtual photon-absorption asymmetry A_2 was based on the measurement of A_{T}^{cos(\phi_S)} asymmetry and on the available global fit results on g_1 and ratio of longitudinal and transverse photoabsorption cross sections R. Compared to the previous measurements performed by SLAC and HERMES experiments, COMPASS covers larger kinematic range (0.003 < x < 0.9), providing access to the previously unexplored low-x domain. In this talk COMPASS preliminary results on g_2 will be presented along with relevant details of the analysis and comparison with previous measurements.

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