G. Bellini - Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics with Borexino at Gran Sasso

by Gianpaolo Bellini (Milano University & INFN)

Majorana room (LNGS)

Majorana room



A seminar by
Gianpaolo Bellini
Professor Emeritus at Milano University
Emeritus Scientist of INFN


results obtained with Borexino and their impact on the Solar and neutrino physics are summarized. In particular about the solar physics, the experiment has shown that the Sun shines via the proton-proton nuclear reaction chain and is stable on >105 year time scale. About the neutrino physics, Borexino has given the first experimental observation of the neutrino oscillation in vacuum and the measurement of related νe survival probability. Borexino reached also the highest evidence on the existence of the geoneutrinos, and many best limits for not observed events. Finally, the perspectives of new results on the Non Standard neutrino Interactions, on the possible existence of a sterile neutrino and on the challenging measurement of the CNO cycle are reviewed.
This seminar is part of the “lectio magistralis” presented at JINR in the occasion of the Bruno Pontecorvo 2016 prize awarding.