Partial breaking of global supersymmetry approach to one-dimensional supersymmetric models

by Stefano Bellucci (LNF)

Aula Teorici (Dpartimento di Fisica e Astronomia)

Aula Teorici

Dpartimento di Fisica e Astronomia

Via Irnerio, 46
We review the generalization of the Bagger and Halperin construction of N=2, D=4 supersymmetric Born-Infeld theory to the case of several N=1 vector supermultiplets given by Ferrara, Porrati, Sagnotti and apply this approach to the case of the one-dimensional supersymmetric model with N=2 supersymmetry spontaneously broken to the N=1 one. We explicitly demonstrate that only one superfield can be treated as the Goldstone one, while the second one has the meaning of the matter super field. We show how to construct the general action for such a system and discuss in some detail two relevant particular cases.