Inflation scenarios in RG-improved non-minimally coupled models and cosmological attractors

by Prof. Sergey Vernov (Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Aula Teorici (Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia)

Aula Teorici

Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia

The possibility to construct an inflationary scenario for renormalization-group improved potentials corresponding to the Higgs sector of finite gauge models is investigated. Taking into account quantum corrections is essential for a successful realization of the inflationary scenario. The inflationary models thus obtained are seen to be in good agreement with the most recent and accurate observational data. More specifically, the values of the relevant inflationary parameters, $n_s$ and $r$, obtained in this model with reasonable values of the model parameters, are close to the corresponding ones in the $R^2$ and Higgs-driven inflation scenarios. It is shown that the model constructed and Higgs-driven inflation belong to the same class of cosmological attractors. In distinction to Higgs-driven inflation, in the model constructed the Hilbert-Einstein term arises as a result of compulsory quantum corrections at the one-loop approximation. The talk is based on the paper by E. Elizalde, S.D. Odintsov, E.O. Pozdeeva, S.Yu. Vernov, JCAP 1602 (2016) 025, arXiv:1509.08817.