Apr 7 – 8, 2016
Europe/Rome timezone
SiCILIA is an INFN-CNR collaboration to develop innovative processes, which allows a massive production of thick (>100 μm) and large area (about 1 cm2) SiC detectors with unprecedented level of defects. Two different manufacture technology will be investigated: the Schottky and the p/n junctions. The Schottky represents today the state of art for SiC detectors. We propose to push forward the limits for this technology in relation to the thickness and the active area. The p/n represents a novel solution for SiC, that is particularly promising in analogy to similar junctions based on Silicon devices. The fallout of the SiCILIA project will be useful also for other fields of fundamental and applied research. Some of these aspects are included in the project. In the frame of the SiCILIA activities the workshop aim to discuss the state of art of silicon detector for a possible technological transfer on SiC.
Sala Conferenze
Via Santa Sofia 62 - Catania