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UNACH/MCTP, Ciudad Universitaria Carretera Emiliano Zapata Km. 4, Real del Bosque (Terán). Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México 29050 Teléfono 52 (961) 617-80-00 ext. 1380 y 8200

The Latin-American Workshop of High Energy Physics  will be held in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas (México), in conjunction with the MCTP/Unach (Chiapas). The workshop will consist of a number of plenary talks to be presented by leading experts working on areas that cover the most recent results in the field, both theoretical and experimental.

The scientific program will include plenary and short talks on the following topics:

- Physics of the Standard Model, QCD, hadron physics, nuclear and heavy ions physics. - Physics Beyond the SM: Models, radiative corrections, signals at colliders.
- LHC: Experiments and signatures. - Dark matter and astroparticle physics.
- Gravitation, black holes, strings, Ads/CFT, amplitudes.

 A poster sessions for advanced students will be included.

 The goal of the workshop is to spread the latest results in the field of High energy physics to students, postdocs and faculty working in the Latino America region, also with the aim to develop possible collaborations among the Latino American and international communities working in the field.

The participants are expected to be advanced graduate students, postdocs and faculty members of world-wide institutions, but specially from Latinamerican countries, working in the area of high energy physics, particles and strings. 

The workshop belongs to a series of conferences starting with "The Latin-American Workshop in High Energy Physics: Particle and Strings", Havana, Cuba 2012 and "The Latin-American Workshop in High Energy Physics: Particle and Strings II", Havana, Cuba, July 18-22, 2016 The idea is that this worshop series will be continued in the future. 

  • Jose Francisco Morales
  • Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz
  • Siannah Penaranda Rivas
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