25-30 September 2016
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The policapillary optics application for double diffraction line intensity increase

29 Sep 2016, 18:40


Mr Yury Cherepennikov (Tomsk Polytechnical University)


Nowadays X-ray absorption spectroscopy is widely used in the X-ray structural analysis [1] and can be applied to elemental analysis of substance [2]. A special group of absorption analysis methods imply measurements of the radiation absorption coefficients at a few energy lines that allow estimating a number of investigated object characteristics. Implementation of these methods requires X-ray beams with line spectrum, which is a sum of a two or more energy line. Authors propose [3] to use combination of X-ray tube and a set of crystal monochromators, which are reflect X-ray lines with different energies in the one direction, to produce such beams. This can be used as an alternative to currently using radioactive sources. In the report possibility of use X-ray polycapillary half-lens in order to increase intensity of a couple X-ray lines produced by this scheme is considered and experimental investigation results are shown. In the experiment, X-ray tube (Oxford Series 5000) with molybdenum anode was used as a source and set of crystals, which were silicon (100) and (111), were used to produce line spectrum. The obtained results approve the possibility to increase X-ray lines intensity to more than one order of magnitude. References 1. Bunker G 2010 Introduction to XAFS: A Practical Guide to X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy (New York: Cambridge University Press). 2. A. Gogolev, Yu. Cherepennikov, Device for X-ray spectral absorption analysis with use of acoustic monochromator, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, V. 517, Article number 012037 (2014) 1-5. 3. Gogolev A.S., Cherepennikov Yu.M., Vukolov A.V. et al. WD-XRA technique in multiphase flow measuring, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, V. 355. (2015) 276–280

Primary author

Mr Yury Cherepennikov (Tomsk Polytechnical University)


Alexey Gogolev (Tomsk Polytechnic University) Dariush Hampai (INFN-LNF) Ms Irina Miloichikova (Tomsk Polytechnic University) Sergey Stuchebrov (Tomsk Polytechnic University) Dr Sultan Dabagov (INFN-LNF)

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