Seminari di gruppo IV

Monochromatic gammas and neutrinos from dark matter decay

by Prof. Thomas Hambye (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)

0M03 (M. S. Angelo)


M. S. Angelo

The observation of a monochromatic flux of gamma rays, that could have been emitted by the dark matter particle, is usually considered as the best possibility of indirect detection evidence of the dark matter particle. There is no expected astrophysical background for such a signal, and the signal is clean as such photons are not expected to be much deviated while propagating from far away. We analyzed this possibility in a systematic and model independent way for the case where such a flux would be due to the decay of the dark matter particle. To this end we consider the most general relevant effective theory. In the sequel we show that the observation of such a signal could be due to the fact that DM could have a millicharge. Beside monochromatic gammas, there exists another possibility of clean DM smoking gun, much less considered in the literature: monochromatic neutrinos. We discuss and analyze in a similar way this possibility, focusing on a unique possibility of dark matter particle evidence: the observation of both, a gamma and a neutrino, monochromatic signals, in a correlated way.