Dmitri Melikhov (SINP, Moscow State University and HEPHY, Vienna) - Rare radiative leptonic B-decays in the Standard Model

Thursday, 16 November 2017 from to (Europe/Rome)
at Aula B
We present our recent results for long-distance QCD effects in radiative leptonic decays Bd,s→γℓ+ℓ− (ℓ=e,μ). One encounters here two distinct types of long-distance contributions: those encoded in the B→γ transition form factors induced by the b→d,s quark currents, and those related to the charm-quark loops. We discuss constraints on the form factors imposed by gauge invariance and calculate the B→γ form factors in a broad range of the momentum transfers. We discuss in details nonfactorizable charm-loop contributions and propose a few observables which may strongly restrict the description of charmonium resonances and in the end lead to a strong reduction of the uncertainties in the theoretical predictions for B→γℓ+ℓ−. 
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