Recent developments on ISOL target materials for the SPES project for nuclear physics and applications

by Mr. Stefano Corradetti (LNL)

Monday, 3 July 2017 from to (Europe/Rome)
at INFN-LNL ( Rostagni meeting room )
The development of targets capable of producing and releasing radioactive isotopes is of extreme importance for different phases of the SPES project: production of RIBs for nuclear physics (beta phase) and use of the facility for the production of medically relevant nuclides (gamma phase, in particular the ISOLPHARM project).
In both cases, the design of a proper target is strictly related to the obtainment of porous refractory materials, which are capable to work under extreme conditions (temperatures up to 2000 °C in high vacuum) with a high release efficiency.
For SPES beta, in most cases the target will be of uranium carbide (UCx) in which, by fission, isotopes in the 60-160 amu mass region are produced. In the case of ISOLPHARM, UCx will be used as well, but also other types of target materials are under consideration to produce a set of proton-rich nuclides.
An overview of recent results on target production and characterization for SPES beta and gamma is presented.
Organised by A. Andrighetto