Theory Group Seminars

Emergent Anyon Distribution in the Unruh Effect

by Dr. Satoshi Ohya (Nihon University - Tokyo)

Thursday, 2 March 2017 from to (Europe/Rome)
at INFN, building C ( 248 )
Abstract: In this talk I study a uniformly accelerating detector coupled to a scalar primary operator of scaling dimension $\Delta$ in $d$-dimensional conformal field theory. I show that, for a generic value of the scaling dimension $\Delta$, the power spectrum of the detector
obeys the anyon distribution at the Unruh temperature $T=a/2\pi$, where $a$ is a constant proper acceleration of the detector. More precisely, I find that, at the linear order of perturbation theory, the detector's power spectrum coincides with the thermal distribution function for non-interacting anyon gas proposed by Liguori, Mintchev and Pilo in
1999. It is observed that the scaling dimension $\Delta$ plays the role of the statistical parameter which interpolates between the Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac distributions. This formal coincidence with anyon distribution can be regarded as a generalization of Takagi's
``statistics inversion'' in the Unruh effect.