25-30 September 2016
Europe/Rome timezone
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PS3: Poster session
Dates: Thursday 29 September 2016 18:40
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23 Poster Quasichanneling oscillations in the deflection angle distribution in a bent crystal SYTOV, Alexei
26 Poster Double crystal-based collimation system for high-energy accelerators SYTOV, Alexei
36 Poster Hadron Photon Colliders as photo-cathode sources of low emittance muon beams CURATOLO, Camilla
47 Poster Quantitative theory of dechanneling in bent and straight single crystals. Dr. MAISHEEV, Vladimir
56 Poster A proposal for Axion-Like Particle search with Free Electron Lasers NGUYEN, Federico
68 Poster LAUe-PEak Radiotherapy (LAUPER) MAZZOLARI, Andrea
80 Poster The policapillary optics application for double diffraction line intensity increase Mr. CHEREPENNIKOV, Yury
82 Poster X-ray investigation of the needle cellular structure by polycapillary optics and lithium fluoride detectors Mr. STUCHEBROV, Sergei
84 Poster Non-divergent surface waves from charged particle bunch moving along semi-infinite wire planar structure Dr. GALYAMIN, Sergey
87 Poster Measurementes of the high-efficiency deflection of 400 GeV/c protons due to channeling along the <110> axis of a bent silicon crystal BAGLI, Enrico
89 Poster Some features of grazing interaction of 10 keV electrons with dielectric surfaces Dr. KUBANKIN, Alexander
109 Poster Micron Scale Electron Beam Size Measurements Using Optical Transition Radiation Dr. KRUCHININ, Konstantin
122 Poster Features of Cherenkov Radiation at Channeling Prof. VYSOTSKII, Vladimir
124 Poster Fast Beam Pointing Stabilization for High Power Laser System Dr. GALIMBERTI, Marco
136 Poster Crystal parameters optimization for enhancement of deflection efficiency of fast charged particles Mr. FOMIN, Oleksiy
141 Poster Channeling Of Low Energy Atomic Particles In Carbon Nanotubes With Heterojunctions Dr. FILIPPOV, Gennadiy
155 Poster Hard X-rays with controlled parameters Dr. KOCHARYAN, Vahan
160 Poster Spiral Scattering of Relativistic Particles in a Bent Crystal Dr. KOVALEV, Gennady
161 Poster High Energy Microbeams and Focusing Limits of Channeling Particles Dr. KOVALEV, Gennady
168 Poster Dynamics of the Relativistic Particles and Conformal Mapping of the Crystal Dr. KOVALEV, Gennady
175 Poster Design of a Watt-level gamma-ray source based on high-repetition-rate inverse Compton Scattering PIOT, Philippe
179 Poster On charged particles propagation through microcapillaries Mrs. DIK, Ekaterina
181 Poster Computer Simulations of Particle Beams Motion into Capillaries KURNIKOV, Egor
189 Poster X-ray optics for exotic atoms experiments ILIESCU, Mihail Antoniu
190 Poster On Transverse X Beam Profile Transmitted by Polycapillary Semi Lens LIEDL, Andrea
194 Poster Coherent radiation of relativistic electrons in metamaterials based on the SRR/wire-grid unit cell in millimeter wavelength range Ms. SOBOLEVA, Veronika