18-21 June 2012
Lecce - Italy
Europe/Rome timezone
6th International Workshop on Quantum Chromodynamics - Theory and Experiment

Posters presented at the workshop

  • F. Barile: Identified charged hadron production in pp and Pb-Pb collisions with the ALICE experiment at the LHC
  • P. Biancofiore: Rare B decays in extensions of the Standard Model with UED
  • L. Delle Rose, M. Serino: Dilaton interactions in QCD and in the EW sector of the Standard Model
  • F. Fionda: J/ψ measurements with the ALICE Experiment at the LHC
  • F. Giannuzzi, S. Nicotri, J.J. Sanz-Cillero: Anomalous AVV* correlation function in a holographic approach to QCD
  • A. Iwata: Structure change of the chiral critical point driven by isospin density
  • D. Li: Meson Spectra and Vacuum Condensates in a Dynamical Soft-wall AdS/QCD Model
  • W. Lucha: Local-Duality QCD Sum Rules for Pseudoscalar-Meson Form Factors
  • M. Soleymaninia: Pion fragmentation functions and their applications in Top quark decay
  • Y. Sungu: Transition form factors of P wave bottomonium Chi_b0 (1P ) into B_c meson
  • A. Watanabe: Pomeron dynamics in the AdS space and structure functions of hadrons at small x
  • F. Zuo: Holography, chiral Lagrangian and amplitude relations