Tuscan Meeting on Theoretical Physics (joint INFN/SNS/UniFi/UniPi activity)

11:00 - Erik Verlinde (Amsterdam)
Title: String Theory and the Entropic Origin of Gravity, Dark Energy and Dark Matter.
Abstract: Recent developments indicate that quantum entanglement and its associated entropy play a central role in explaining the connectivity of space time and the origin of gravity. In string theory a concrete mechanism for the quantum entanglement of space time is provided by the so-called long string phenomenon. In a cosmological setting these entangled long strings form a dynamical system whose energy can be identified with the dark energy. Using an accurate analogy with entanglement network of polymers, we calculate the effects due to slow relaxation processes and find excellent quantitative agreement with the phenomena attributed to dark matter in galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and the cosmos.
12:00 Lunch break
14:00 - Leonardo Rastelli (Stony Brook)
Title: The Superconformal Bootstrap Program
Abstract: I will outline the modern bootstrap program for four-dimensional theories with extended superconformal symmetry. The bootstrap equations neatly split into two classes. There are ``minibootstrap'' equations for supersymmetric quantities, which can be solved analytically, and full- fledged bootstrap equations for non-protected quantities, which can be studied numerically. The entire program relies on general symmetry principles, with no need for ``fields'' or Lagrangians.
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 - Jerome Gauntlett (Imperial College, London)
Title: Holographic Q Lattices

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