Instruction for exercise sessions: computer setup

Exercise sessions will include computer-based examples and will involve the use of CERN toolkit ROOT, including the packages RooFit, RooStats and TMVA, and Theta framework.

The installation will take some time and requires extensive network download, so we request you to install the required software before coming to the school in order to be ready for the exercise sessions. We assume that participants will do the exercise sessions in groups of 3-4 people, so at least one laptop over 3 should have the required software preinstalled. We encourage anyway all participants to preinstall the software below.

Supported platforms

The supported platforms for the exercises are:

Install and setup VirtualBox

You can skip the following instruction if you have Linux or Mac OS X 10.8 installed on your machine. In that case, jump to the section "Install the required software".

Dowload VirtualBox 4.2.12 or later here for your platform (e.g. MS Windows. Please, find here the list of supported OS).

Create a new VM with VirtualBox

Download a preinstalled VM

You can download a preinstalled VM. It requires to download about 6GB of data, but may save you all the following installation steps.

Install the new VM

In order to allow copy and paste to and from the VM, you may go to the menu "Devices > Shared Clipboard" and check the option "Bidirectional", so you can copy commands from this page to the terminal.

Install the required software

Exercise sessions will require ROOT, with the components RooFit, RooStats and TMVA, and Theta framework. Your preferred text editor should be installed in order to edit source code files.


You need your preferred text editor installed to edit source code. On the Mint Linux installation pico is installed by default. Install emacs or other preferred packages using the "Software Mananger" under hte main "Menu"

Install required external packaged

A number of packges are required to compile ROOT and Theta. Below the list of packages to be added for Linux (including the VM installation) and Mac OS X.

Install ROOT

ROOT should be downloaded and build from source code. Compilation will take a fair amount of time. Detailed installation insctructions are given here. here. Below the essential steps.

Install Theta

You need to preinstall sqlite3, boost libraries and the non-default python packages SciPy and MatPlotLib. Below instructions follow for Linux and Mac OS X:

Download and install Theta: