Theory Group Seminars

S-matrix Bootstrap for Effective Field Theories

by Dr Andrea Guerrieri (Tel Aviv University )

131 (Dipartimento di Fisica)


Dipartimento di Fisica


The modern approach to the S-matrix Bootstrap aims at determining the space of QFTs by bounding physical observables that can be extracted out of the S-matrix. In this talk, I will review some of the recent developments in the field I have been involved in with a focus on Effective Field Theories. As an example, I will discuss in detail the bound of the first quantum gravity correction in any ten-dimensional supergravity EFT and its relevance to String Theory. I will also show the bounds obtained for other physical EFTs as the chiral pion Lagrangian and the confining flux tube EFT and I will compare them with experimental and lattice data. I will conclude by mentioning a few works in progress related to the examples discussed above.

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