Mar 15 – 18, 2011
Europe/Rome timezone

Beta spectroscopy with superconducting calorimeters for the direct measurement of the neutrino mass

Mar 16, 2011, 7:42 PM


Daniela Bagliani (Universita di Genova and INFN)


The neutrino mass scale is a relevant parameter of the theoretical framework beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. Cosmology constrains to 10meV the sensitivity required for future neutrino mass experiments, that means a huge effort of improving present instrumentation and technology. In this work we show a calorimetric approach for the direct measurement of the neutrino mass by means of 187Re single β decay and 163Ho electron-capture decay. An high sensitivity is achievable thanks to the high responsivity of superconducting microcalorimeters and their low intrinsic noise.

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