DS-Mat regular meeting



- L.Luzzi -

1. Internal Policy about results of our activity and assay campaign (Roberto). the key point is the following: is good for us if we are inform every time if any result is previously discussed inside the collaboration, and inform the group when this results are realesed in order to have a general procedure which is valid for everybody. People present in the meeting agreed with it.

2. Summary of recent assays results
2.1 - Krzysztof: 2 things to show: samples results and status. During the holiday updated some results in the database, about conductive epoxy some update are missing. Some rmeasures are still ongoing and the results will be put soon. Tomasz received the Gd oxyde that are in Kracow and measures start soon.
Online form prepared about summary of assay campaign. Maybe it could be discussed offline the way to improve it and make it in an easy way.

2.2. News from LSC: cables are waiting to be measured. About the idea to assay the acrylic from Juno directly, Vicente interacted with Matias about format to provide the acrylic to be assayed.

2.3 Tomasz: In this week prepare one sample of Gd and one blank for Gd.

2.4 About the ESR films the important point is the surface contamination, but let’s discuss it offline
to understand what measure and how.

3. Material validation (Vicente): showed a couple of slides with the organization of the activity and the identification of the handlers for each considered part.

4. Neutron budget (Maxim): Don’t have update.

5. Gamma budget (Sam): updated the results of Gd loaded acrylic: there is great contribution from Lu and the contribution of the acrylic in the total budget is more important now. Both simulation from Lu bkg and Lu activity considered in the updating.

6. Radiogenic neutrons from rock (Ludovico): the number is still too high, work on it and in case it doesn’t decrease consider to organize a bagkground call to discuss the option to put an other shield outside or outside cryostat.
There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.