EOVSA Update: Science Highlights and Future Outlook

Jul 7, 2021, 6:10 PM


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Prof. Bin Chen (New Jersey Institute of Technology)


The Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array (EOVSA) continues to provide daily observations of the Sun in the 1–18 GHz microwave band. The daily multi-frequency full-disk images from EOVSA's pipeline have provided a unique context for supporting other missions including the Solar Orbiter and Parker Solar Probe. The full-resolution science data have offered spatially-resolved spectral diagnostics of accelerated electrons in solar flares, coronal mass ejections, jets, as well as thermal diagnostics of coronal plasma and coronal magnetic field in active regions. In this talk, I will highlight some recent science results that have utilized EOVSA data. I will also briefly describe the improvements in EOVSA's data products and analysis software. Finally, I will discuss future plans and the status of the next-generation EOVSA: the Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope.

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