Analysis meeting 2020-07-14

Europe/Rome (Password: #C4fG7Nrfd)

Password: #C4fG7Nrfd

N. Mori reported about the HerdSoftware status (see slides).

E. Catanzani reported about preliminary anisotropy studies (see slides).
* G. Ambrosi asked about what to do when the CSS orbit will be available. E .Catanzani
  answered that replacing the ISS orbit with the CSS orbit for this study will be easy
  and quick. M. Xu added that for now we can use the TG2 data since there is still no clue
  about the CSS data. M. Xu will send the TG2 info to E. Catanzani.
* M. Xu asked about backgrounds. E. Catanzani replied that the study is still preliminary
  and that in future developments the backgrounds from protons and helium will be considered.
  Monte Carlo files have to be produced for this. M. Duranti added that for DAMPE at 1 TeV
  the residual background is about 10%, and a better figure is expected for HERD so it should
  not be an issue. A. Tykhonov added that depth is probably not a factor for saying that HERD
  will be better than DAMPE in this aspect.
* J. Casaus pointed out that many information needed by these studies have been studied by the
  trigger working group. E. Catanzani agreed that it would be useful to use that information in
  this study.

X. Liu reported about the implementation of the CSS structure in simulation (see slides).

V. Vagelli reported about the workplan for calorimeter reconstruction (see slides).
* I. De Mitri asked about the long. skewness plot on slide 4. V. Vagelli answered that the shape
  for electrons is due to a wrong assignment of the shower development direction.
* I. De Mitri asked about fitting the longitudinal profile with an analysitcal function. V. Vagelli
  answered that for now the standard function is being used for electrons and that no work
  on this aspect has been done yet for protons.

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