Working Group on Radiative Corrections and Generators for Low Energy Hadronic Cross Section and Luminosity

from Monday, 19 April 2010 (14:30) to Tuesday, 20 April 2010 (14:30)
Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati<!-- ID_UTENTE=506 --> (Aula Seminari)

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19 Apr 2010
20 Apr 2010
FSR and Gamma Gamma physics (2) (until 10:30) (Aula Seminari)
09:00 e+e- annihilation to (pi0 pi0 gamma) and (pi0 eta gamma) as a source of information on scalar and vector mesons - Olga Shekhovstova (LNF)   (Aula Seminari)
09:30 How much can we learn about (gamma* gamma* -> pi0) from KLOE-2: studies with EKHARA Monte Carlo generator - Sergiy Ivashyn (University of Silesia)   (Aula Seminari)
10:00 Gamma Gamma physics at KLOE-2 - Danilo Babusci (LNF)   (Aula Seminari)
TAU (1) (until 11:00) (Aula Seminari)
10:30 tau to eta pi^- pi0 decays and e^+e^- annihilation into eta pi pi modes - Pablo Roig (LPT & CNRS)   (Aula Seminari)
11:00 --- Coffee break ---
TAU (2) (until 12:00) (Aula Seminari)
11:30 NLO is it possible for bremsstrahlung in decays? - Zbigniew Was (IFJ PAN)   (Aula Seminari)
Introduction H. Czyz/G. Venanzoni (until 14:50) (Aula Seminari)
A few non-expert questions on the accuracy of the hadronic mass spectra provided by MC generators(TBC) (until 15:10) (Aula Seminari)
MonteCarlo for R Measurements with energy scan (until 16:30) (Aula Seminari)
15:10 Status of MC generators for energies above 1 GeV - Dr Simon Eidelman (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)   (Aula Seminari)
15:40 Processes 2\to 4 in e+e- annihilation and the details of generator construction - Eduard Kuraev (JINR Dubna)   (Aula Seminari)
16:10 MCGPJ with experimental data (of BES-III) - Ping WANG (IHEP)   (Aula Seminari)
16:30 --- Coffee Break ---
MC for R Measurements using ISR (1) (until 18:10) (Aula Seminari)
17:00 Measurement of the 4pi cross-section at BABAR - Andreas Hafner (Mainz University)   (Aula Seminari)
17:30 e+ e- annihilation into \eta \pi+ \pi- \gamma (\gamma) in PHOKHARA - Agnieszka Wapienik   (Aula Seminari)
17:50 RC to the cross ee\to \mu\mu\gamma and p\bar p \to ee\gamma sections ee\to \mu\mu\gamma and p\bar p \to ee\gamma - Eduard Kuraev (JINR Dubna)   (Aula Seminari)
FSR and Gamma Gamma physics (1) (until 18:40) (Aula Seminari)
18:10 Final State Radiation in Chiral Perturbation Theory - Sandro Gorini (Mainz University)   (Aula Seminari)
18:40 Discussion on the possibilities for the WG within the FP7 programme - Giulia Pancheri (LNF)   (Aula Seminari)
VP (until 13:00) (Aula Seminari)
12:00 The effective fine structure constant and other SM running couplings - Friedrich Jegerlehner (University of Silesia)   (Aula Seminari)
12:30 Status and comparison of VP compilations - Thomas Teubner (University of Liverpool)   (Aula Seminari)
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