Analysis meeting 2020-06-03

Europe/Rome (Password: #C4fG7Nrfd)

Password: #C4fG7Nrfd

N. Mori reported about the HerdSoftware status (see slides).

A. Tykhonov and I. De Mitri reported abut the work plan of the hadronic interaction
studies group (see slides).

* A. Oliva asked if CMS/Totem have data for forward p-Pb collisions, to be used for
  validation that maybe has not been done for CRMC models yet. I. De Mitri remarked
  that our goal as HERD is not to improve models but to estimate the systematic errors
  of the current models for HERD. A. Tykhonov remembered that CRMC people do not want
  us to modify their models, just to use them as they are. I. De Mitri also pointed
  out that people working on hadronic engines usually compare tehir models with all
  the avail;able LHC data.
* J. Casaus asked about the G4-CRMC transition threshold in the interface. A. Tykhonov
  answered that the current default is 300 GeV, and no disconitnuity is seen in DAMPE
  data due to this.


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