Analysis meeting 2020-05-19

Europe/Rome (Password: #C4fG7Nrfd)

Password: #C4fG7Nrfd

F. Gargano reported about PSD status and the workplan for gamma performance studies (see slides).
* P. Cattaneo commented that it would be useful to start simulating the CNAO test beam
  setup. N Mori said that it is possible to do this wihin the framework, but probably not
  very useful since it will be very different from what we have now and thus it seems
  difficult to profit from existing code. F. Gargano proposed to implement this outside
  the framework. N. Mori agreed and remarked that anyway this external code should comply
  with the framework workflow.

N. Mori reported about the HerdSoftware status (see slides).

V. Vagelli reported about the calorimeter developments (see slides).
* A. Tykhonov asked about how the angular resolution is computed. V. Vagelli replied that
  the 68% or 95% criterion is computed on the distribution of the angular differences between
  the MC true particle direction and the reconstructed calorimeter axis.
* J. Casaus asked remarked that the quoted acceptances do not take into account important
  effects like the Earth shadow, and as such should be taken with a grain of salt.

J. Casaus reported about the trigger studies (see slides).


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