Third Rome Physics Encounters @LNF

Aula Salvini

Aula Salvini

LNF - Theory building

This informal meeting is the third of the Rome physics encounter series. It aims at bringing together young speakers working or collaborating with the research groups in the Rome area.

In the spirit of workshops and conferences at LNF, talks will be presented in a pedagogical way and plenty of time is scheduled to allow discussions among participants. The encounters will be synchronised with a selected LNF General Seminar, held in the afternoon at 2.30pm.

The lunch is offered to all registered participant at the LNF canteen.

  • Anish Ghoshal
  • Chiara Arcangeletti
  • Enrico Nardi
  • Federica Giacchino
  • Federico Silvetti
  • Gabriele Gionti, S.J.
  • Gennaro Corcella
  • Giacomo De Pietro
  • Giorgio Arcadi
  • Luc Jean Marie Darmé
  • Marco Bonvini
  • Matthew Kirk
  • Roberto Franceschini
  • Stefano Forte