Pro-ESOF PID - Programma INFN per Docenti

Andrea Gozzelino (INFN LNL), Luigi Rigon (University of Trieste and INFN Trieste), Luisa Pegoraro (INFN LNL), Massimo Casarsa (INFN Trieste), Silvia Miozzi (INFN ROMA2)

The current shutdown of Italian High Schools in Northern Italy, due to spread of nCov19 disease in the same areas, and in agreement with our Elettra colleagues, we decided to cancel this course. We hope to be able to host participants in other PID courses.

This edition of PID (the INFN program for teachers), organized by the INFN Legnaro National Laboratory and the ELETTRA Synchrotron Facility in collaboration with the INFN Division in Trieste, is intended for High School Teachers from the Italian North-East Regions, Austria, and the Balkan Countries. It will take place in Legnaro (at the INFN National Laboratory) and Trieste (at the ELETTRA Synchrotron Facility). Participants will spend a week with researchers in both facilities and will take part in data-taking experiments. Participants are expected to pay travel and food expenses. Lodging will be paid for by PID Organization.

In Trieste, March 9-11:

  • accommodation in Casa 903 (two nights, March 9 and 10);
  • the cost of a bus ticket from downtown to ELETTRA is 1,35 € (details);
  • lunch in ELETTRA canteen costs around 7,00 €. 

In Padova, March 12-13:

  • accommodation in Casa del Pellegrino (two nights, March 11 and 12);
  • the ticket Padova-Legnaro costs 2,40 € (4 tickets = 9,60 €) (details); 
  • lunch in LNL canteen costs around 7,00 €.

The train ticket from Trieste to Padova costs 16,25 €.

Starting 2020 publishing company Pearson ( supports this initiative.

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