Scuola del Patrimonio - International School on Cultural Heritage

Thursday, 12 December 2019 - 09:00
LNF (Aula Salvini)

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12 Dec 2019
09:15 Welcome from the LNF Research Division Director - Dr Paola Gianotti (LNF Research Division Director)   (Aula Salvini)
09:20 Cultural Heritage Network of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). INFN Technologies and infrastructures dedicated to the characterization of cultural heritages: case studies and ongoing collaborations - Dr Mariangela Cestelli Guidi (INFN-LNF)   (Aula Salvini)
10:05 Questions and Answers   (Aula Salvini)
10:15 ADAMO-Analysis, Diagnostics and Monitoring for Cultural Heritage project, a technology transfer experience in the Latium Region - Dr Roberta Fantoni (ENEA-TEFCIS, Frascati)   (Aula Salvini)
10:50 Questions and Answers   (Aula Salvini)
Coffee Break (until 11:30) (Aula Salvini)
11:30 X-rays radiation in art: applications, use and limitations - Dr Barcellos Lins Sergio Augusto (INFN-Roma Tre)   (Aula Salvini)
11:50 EcoDigit – Digital Ecosystem for the fruition and development of cultural heritage and cultural activities of Lazio - Dr Chiara Lucarelli (INFN-RomaTre)   (Aula Salvini)
12:10 Questions and Answers   (Aula Salvini)
12:20 INFN diagnostic campaigns in the ADAMO project - Dr Lucilla Pronti (INFN-LNF and RM2) Dr Martina Romani (INFN-LNF)   (Aula Salvini)
12:50 Questions and Answers   (Aula Salvini)
Lunch (until 14:30) (LNF Canteen)
Visit to the INFN-Dafne-Ligh Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, practical demonstration of imaging and spectroscopic techniques with fixed and portable instrumentation (until 16:00) (Dafne-L Laboratory)
Visit to Diagnostics and Metrology ENEA laboratory – with introduction to laser prototypes for remote optical and spectroscopical investigation of monumental surface - a demonstration of data acquisition and processing software for laser scanners (until 17:30) (Diagnostics and Metrology ENEA laboratory )