Amaldi Research Center Seminars

Precision of low energy experiments to test fundamental physics and search for dark matter

by Michael E. Tobar (University of Western Australia)

Aula Conversi (Dipartimento di Fisica - Ed. G.Marconi)

Aula Conversi

Dipartimento di Fisica - Ed. G.Marconi

At the University of Western Australia, the Frequency and Quantum Metrology research group has developed precision tools for fundamental physics and industrial applications. Among these, photonic cavities have been used to search for Lorentz invariance violations, variations in fundamental constants, search for ultra-light dark matter (ULDM) and weakly interacting sub-eV particle (WISP) dark matter. At present we continue this tradition with particular focus on detecting ULDMs and axions and we develop high acoustic Q phonon systems to search for high frequency gravity waves, scalar dark matter and tests of quantum gravity. An overview of current and future experiments will be given.
Organized by

Gianluca Cavoto, Raffaella Schneider