New and Enhanced Photosensor Technologies for Underground/underwater Neutrino Experiments (NEPTUNE 2020)

Gianfranca De Rosa (NA), Pasquale Migliozzi (NA)
Due to Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent decision of the Italian Government, we are forced to cancel the workshop that was already postponed from March to November.
Over the last years some of the most important discoveries in particle (discovery of neutrino oscillations) and astro-particle physics (discovery of extra-galactic high-energy neutrinos) have been achieved by experiments detecting scintillation or Cherenkov light, produced by the charged particles produced in the neutrino interactions, by means of photosensors. Currently, several programs are ongoing for the upgrade of the existing facilities or the development of next generation ones. Also in this case the detection principle exploits the scintillation or Cherenkov light produced by charged-particles. Therefore, the development of new and enhanced photosensors is a key step towards the construction of new and more sensitive experiments both in particle and astro-particle physics.
The goal of this workshop is to review the state of the art and future developments in the field of photosensors, with particular attention to the high pixelation photosensor approach using small PMTsand their applications. The properties of materials used to build instrumentation based on photosensors and the electronics will be some of the topics of the workshop. The calibration of the devices as well as the event reconstruction and Monte Carlo technique will be also addressed.



  • Alan Cosimo Ruggeri
  • Alexander Kappes
  • Anatael CABRERA
  • Armand Hattat
  • Ciro Riccio
  • Claudio Kopper
  • Daniele Vivolo
  • Deepak Gajanana
  • fabio marzaioli
  • Gianfranca De Rosa
  • John Kelley
  • Jonas Reubelt
  • Judith Schneider
  • Karl-Heinz Sulanke
  • Lew Classen
  • Marcin Ziembicki
  • Mathieu Guigue
  • Matthew Malek
  • Oleg Kalekin
  • Paolo Fermani
  • Pasquale Migliozzi
  • Raffaele Buompane
  • Semyon Khokhlov
  • Shunichi Mine
  • Stefano Germani
  • stefano russo
  • Thijs van Eeden
  • Thomas Lindner
  • Uli Katz
  • Vincenzo Berardi
  • Vitaly Shutov
  • Vladimir Kulikovskiy
  • Yasuhiro Nishimura