TNPI2019 - XVII Conference on Theoretical Nuclear Physics in Italy

from Wednesday, 9 October 2019 (08:30) to Friday, 11 October 2019 (13:00)
Cortona (Il Palazzone)

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9 Oct 2019
10 Oct 2019
11 Oct 2019
08:30 --- Registration ---
09:00 Light-nuclei spectra and electroweak response: a status report - Rocco Schiavilla (Jefferson Lab/Old Dominion University)   (Il Palazzone)
09:30 From sum rules to integral transforms: a personal tribute in memory of Renzo Leonardi - Giuseppina Orlandini (TIFP)   (Il Palazzone)
10:10 Modeling nuclear reactions for radioisotope production in medical applications - Luciano Canton (PD)   (Il Palazzone)
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
11:10 The 3D structure of nucleons - Mariaelena Boglione (TO)   (Il Palazzone)
11:40 A relativistic QFT approach to few-body non perturbative dynamics - Giovanni Salme' (ROMA1)   (Il Palazzone)
09:00 Realistic shell-model calculations for neutrinoless double-beta decay: Where do we stand ? - Nunzio Itaco (NA)   (Il Palazzone)
09:30 Interweaving of quasiparticles and collective states in structure and reactions: in memory of Pier Francesco Bortignon - Enrico Vigezzi (MI)   (Il Palazzone)
10:10 Continuum states of exotic nuclei studied by ab-initio methods - Angela Bonaccorso (PI)   (Il Palazzone)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 Nuclear reactions to investigate charge-exchange transitions - Maria Colonna (LNS)   (Il Palazzone)
11:30 Relativistic hydrodynamics with spin tensor - Enrico Speranza (Frankfurt University)   (Il Palazzone)
09:00 Looking at nuclear physics from the unitary window - Mario Gattobigio (Institut de Physique de Nice)   (Il Palazzone)
09:30 A contact model for QCD and its applications to heavy-quarks physics - Marco Antonio Bedolla Hernandez (GE)   (Il Palazzone)
09:50 Perturbation theory of non-perturbative QCD - Fabio Siringo (CT)   (Il Palazzone)
10:10 Ab-initio multiphonon approach for low- and high-energy nuclear spectroscopy - Giovanni De Gregorio (NA)   (Il Palazzone)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
11:00 A first step in the nuclear inverse Kohn-Sham problem: from densities to potentials - Alberto Scalesi Francesco Marino (LNF)   (Il Palazzone)
11:20 Pentaquark states at LHCb - Alessandro Giachino (GE)   (Il Palazzone)
11:40 Double charge exchange reactions and netrinoless double beta decay - Ruslan Idelfonso Magana Vsevolodovna (GE)   (Il Palazzone)
12:10 Theoretical investigation of deeply virtual Compton scattering off 4He - Sara Fucini (PG)   (Il Palazzone)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
14:00 Discussione sulle prospettive future delle CSN3 & CSN4   (Il Palazzone)
15:30 Quarkonium production and TMDs at the LHC - Francesco Murgia (CA)   (Il Palazzone)
15:50 Transverse polarization of Lambda-hyperons in e+e- annihilation processes in a TMD approach - Marco Zaccheddu (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)   (Il Palazzone)
16:10 Optical potential for elastic proton and antiproton-nuclues scattering from chiral forces - Carlotta Giusti (PV)   (Il Palazzone)
16:40 --- Coffee break ---
17:10 Single- and double-­ŁÜ▓ hypernuclei in EFT(­ŁŁů) - Lorenzo Contessi (Racah institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)   (Il Palazzone)
17:40 Halo effective theory for ╬▒-╬▒, 3-╬▒ and N-╬▒ interactions - Paolo Recchia (Institut de Physique de Nice)   (Il Palazzone)
18:00 The 6Li ground state within the Hyperspherical Harmonic basis - Alex Gnech (Gran Sasso Science Institute)   (Il Palazzone)
18:20 Momentum distributions and short-range-correlations in few-nucleon systems using realistic interactions - Laura Elisa Marcucci (Universita' di Pisa and INFN Pisa)   (Il Palazzone)
18:40 Magnetic susceptibility of neutron stars from QMC calculations - Luca Riz (TIFP)   (Il Palazzone)
12:00 Heavy Quarks dynamics in the QGP: directed flow, anisotropic flows and transport properties of heavy quarks - Salvatore Plumari (LNS)   (Il Palazzone)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
14:00 Dark nuclear matter - Michele Redi (FI)   (Il Palazzone)
14:30 Direct and indirect dark matter detection strategies - Fiorenza Donato (TO)   (Il Palazzone)
15:00 Study of deuteron-dark matter scattering within an effective field theory - Elena Filandri (Universit├á di Trento, TIFPA)   (Il Palazzone)
15:20 New physics in neutron stars - Javi Serra (Technische Universitat Munchen)   (Il Palazzone)
15:50 Microscopic equations of state and astrophysical applications - Hans Josef Schulze (CT)   (Il Palazzone)
16:20 --- Coffee break ---
16:50 Equation of state of hadronic matter and application to merging of neutron stars - Domenico Logoteta (PI)   (Il Palazzone)
17:20 Asymmetry of the neutrino mean free path in hot neutron matter under the presence of strong magnetic fields - Isaac Vidana Haro (CT)   (Il Palazzone)
17:40 Spin-isospin correlated nuclear configurations for high-energy p-A, d-A and A-A collisions: selected applications - Massimiliano Alvioli (CNR IRPI)   (Il Palazzone)
18:00 Discussione sulle iniziative specifiche nucleari e sulla organizzazione della prossima conferenza   (Il Palazzone)
12:00 Gamow-Teller decay rates for pf-shell nuclei - Riccardo Mancino (Universit├á della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli")   (Il Palazzone)
12:20 Double parton correlations and transverse proton structure at the LHC - Matteo Rinaldi (PG)   (Il Palazzone)
12:40 --- Closure ---