17-18 October 2019
Palazzo Moroni, Padova
Europe/Rome timezone

Scientific Programme

The program will be articulated in four topical sessions, plus an additional session to accommodate any other topic relevant for future GW detectors.

  • Thermal noise in and out of thermodynamic equilibrium


    Invited speaker: dr. Ignacio A. Martinez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).
    Talk title: Faster than Nature: Engineered swift equilibration of small systems

  • Advanced cryogenics


    Invited speaker: dr. Takafumi Ushiba (ICRR)
    Talk Title: Cryogenic mirror suspension in KAGRA

  • Ultra-low-noise optical coatings


    Invited speaker: dr. Anaël Lemaitre (Laboratoire Navier)
    Talk title: Numerical modelling of low-T oxide film growth

  • New strategies for quantum noise reduction


    Invited speaker: Dr. Denis Martinov
    Talk title: Studies of quantum noise in GW detectors, optomechanical experiments, and axion searches

  • Other challenges for future GW detectors


    Invited Speaker: prof. Stefano Vitale
    Talk title: Space-borne GW detectors

    Invited speaker: dr. Ettore Majorana
    Talk title: Third Generation Gravitational Wave detectors: the challenge of Einstein Telescope in Europe