3rd FLAG meeting: the Quantum and Gravity

from Thursday, 13 June 2019 (08:30) to Friday, 14 June 2019 (18:55)
Catania (Museo Diocesano)

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13 Jun 2019
14 Jun 2019
08:30 --- Registration ---
09:00 Opening   (Museo Diocesano)
09:15 Stabilizing the EW vacuum - Vincenzo Branchina (CT)   (Museo Diocesano)
10:10 The Compton-Schwarzschild correspondence: primordial black holes as the link between microphysics and macrophysics - Bernard Carr (Queen Mary University of London)   (Museo Diocesano)
11:05 --- Coffee break ---
11:35 Some features of the Hamiltonian Analysis of Asymptotic Safe Quantum Gravity - Gabriele Gionti (Specola Vaticana)   (Museo Diocesano)
09:00 CMB lensing beyond the leading order: is there a new physical effect in E- and B-modes power spectra? - Giovanni Marozzi (Pisa University and INFN)   (Museo Diocesano)
10:00 Duality between static spherically or hyperbolically symmetric solutions and cosmological solutions in scalar-tensor gravity - Alexander Kamenshchik (BO)   (Museo Diocesano)
10:30 Compact binary coalescences: Constraints on waveforms - Tommaso De Lorenzo (Penn State University)   (Museo Diocesano)
11:00 --- Coffee break ---
11:30 Time in quantum theory, the Wheeler-DeWitt equation and the Born-Oppenheimer approximation - Tereza Vardanyan (BO)   (Museo Diocesano)
12:05 Phenomenology of scale-invariant gravity - Massimiliano Rinaldi (TIFP)   (Museo Diocesano)
12:30 --- Lunch break ---
14:30 Effective field theories for cosmological fluids, solids and supersolids - Marco Celoria (GSSI and ICTP)   (Museo Diocesano)
15:30 The Shadow of the Supermassive Black Hole M87 - Mariafelicia De Laurentis (Napoli University and INFN)   (Museo Diocesano)
16:30 --- Coffee break ---
17:00 Time-energy uncertainty relation for neutrino oscillations in curved spacetime - Luca Smaldone (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)   (Museo Diocesano)
17:30 Turnaround size of non-spherical structures - Andrea Giusti (Bishop University)   (Museo Diocesano)
18:00 Hyperbolic vacuum decay - Hristu Culetu (Ovidius University)   (Museo Diocesano)
20:00 --- Social dinner ---
12:00 Stochastic gravitational waves background and its anisotropies - Mairi Sakelariadu (King's College London)   (Museo Diocesano)
12:30 --- Lunch break ---
14:30 Binary Neutron Star Mergers: Numerical Simulations and Observation - Bruno Giacomazzo (TIFP)   (Museo Diocesano)
15:30 Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous full-GR cosmological dynamics - Marco Bruni (Portsmouth University)   (Museo Diocesano)
16:30 --- Coffee break ---
17:00 Bootstrapping Newtonian gravity - Michele Lenzi (B)   (Museo Diocesano)
17:30 Characterizing black hole metrics in quadratic gravity - Samuele Silveravalle (Milano University )   (Museo Diocesano)
18:00 Is the standard Higgs just a simple massive field? - Maurizio Consoli (CT)   (Museo Diocesano)