GWEOS-2019 Pisa Workshop

Room N. 131 (Physics Department - Pisa University and INFN - Sezione di Pisa)

Room N. 131

Physics Department - Pisa University and INFN - Sezione di Pisa

Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3 - 56127 Pisa (Italy)
Ignazio Bombaci (University of Pisa and INFN Pisa) , Giancarlo Cella (INFN Pisa and Virgo Collaboration) , Cristiano Palomba (INFN ROMA1 and Virgo Collaboration)

The idea of the workshop is to put together physicists with competences in gravitational waves, nuclear physics and neutron star physics to create a bridge between these communities and to foster future collaborations.

A large amount of time is allocated for discussions, and the style of the communications should be open to dialogue. Here is a list of issues we aim to discuss:

  • What kind of constraints on the equation of state (EOS) of matter at very high densities are allowed by the present and future GW detector sensitivities?

  • What are the most up to date theoretical models for the EOS?

  • Can neutron stars sustain long-lived large quadrupolar deformations?

  • What is the current state of the art for numerical simulations?

  • What are the more urgent theoretical challenges?

  • What are the most relevant analysis limitations?

  • How can we bring together GW and EM constraints?

  • What do we expect to gain with third-generation GW observatories for fundamental physics of matter at extreme densities?

Foreseen talks are on invitation only, but registration is open to everyone interested (within a numerical limit). Registrants are welcome to participate to the discussions.

We are happy to acknowledge the support of:


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50 / 50
  • Alejandro Kievsky
  • Alessandro Drago
  • Alessandro Nagar
  • Alice Boldrin
  • Andrea Bevilacqua
  • Andrea Maselli
  • Andrew Lawrence Miller
  • Anna Puecher
  • Atousa Pournaghi
  • Bruno Giacomazzo
  • Carla Signorini
  • Cristiano Palomba
  • Danny Laghi
  • Dario Grasso
  • Davide Vaccaro
  • Domenico Logoteta
  • Elena Pian
  • Elia Giliberti
  • Evgeni Kolomeitsev
  • Fiorella Burgio
  • Francesco Pegoraro
  • Giancarlo Cella
  • Hans Josef Schulze
  • Ian Harry
  • Ian Jones
  • Ignazio Bombaci
  • Konstantin Maslov
  • Leonardo Gualtieri
  • Magdalena Sieniawska
  • Mahmoud Elmasry
  • Margherita Fasano
  • Marie Anne Bizouard
  • Massimo Mannarelli
  • Matteo Breschi
  • Matteo Di Giovanni
  • Michal Bejger
  • Mihail Mintchev
  • Paolo Mazzali
  • Prasanta Char
  • Rainer Stiele
  • Roberto De Pietri
  • Rosana de Oliveira Gomes
  • Sabrina D'Antonio
  • Sebastiano Bernuzzi
  • Sebastien Guillot
  • stavros katsanevas
  • Steve Shore
  • Viviana Fafone
  • Walter Del Pozzo
  • Xisco Jimenez Forteza