16-20 September 2019
Torino - Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

Preliminary Schedule

Sunday, September 15

6pm - 8pm
WELCOME COCKTAIL - at Conference Venue 
(Registration desk open during this time)

Note: Registration desk open starting Monday 8:00 am (TBD), +/- 10 minutes before/after and during breaks, and throughout the days as needed


Monday, September 16, 9:00am - 5:30pm

SESSION 1. A historical perspective of the Third Cambridge catalogue

Francesco MASSARO (Turin University) - Welcome - 5’

Malcolm LONGAIR (Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge) - "The 3CR Radio Sources - personal reflections" - Opening - 35’ 

Robert LAING (SKA Organization) - "3CR, 3CRR and Jet Physics" - Invited - 30'

Beatriz MINGO            "Revisiting the Fanaroff-Riley dichotomy with the LOFAR Two-Metre Sky Survey (LoTSS)"     

10:30 am - 11:00 am : Coffee break - 30’

Bruce McADAM (University of Sydney) - "Observing the 3C Survey of Radio Sources" - Special Invited - 30'

David JAUNCEY            "The sequence of events that led to the 1963 publication in Nature of 3C273, the first Quasar and the first extragalactic radio jet"                                                                                                     

Natalia ZYWUCKA           "Catalogue with visual morphological classification of 32,616 radio galaxies with optical hosts"      
Anna KAPINSKA            "Nature vs nurture: what shapes the hybrid jet morphology of radio galaxies?"       

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm : Lunch (provided) 

SESSION 2. A panchromatic view of past and future radio surveys

Marco CHIABERGE (STScI) - "The HST view of extragalactic 3C radio sources: from the central supermassive black holes to galaxy clusters" - Invited - 30'

Isabella PRANDONI (INAF Istituto di Radioastronomia, Bologna) - "The promise of next-generation RC surveys: Revealing the physics and evolution of galaxies and AGN in the SKA era" - Invited - 30'

Angela SANDRINELLI       "Do BL Lac Objects and FR I radiogalaxies inhabit the same galaxy environment?"                 

3:20 pm - 3:30 pm : Group Photo - 10'
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm : Coffee Break - 30'

Belinda WILKES (SAO) - "X-ray and multi-wavelength observations of z>0.5 3CRR radio galaxies" - Invited - 30'

Ana JIMENEZ-GALLARDO     "Unravelling the origin of extended X-ray emission surrounding FR II radio galaxies"         
Duccio MACCONI           "Radio morphology-accretion mode link in FRII low-excitation radio galaxies"               
Minfeng GU                 "The composite X-ray spectrum and pc-scale radio structure of 3C RR radio sources"    
TALKS END 5:30pm


Tuesday, September 17, 9:00am - 5:30pm

SESSION 3. Radio-loud active galaxies and their environments: feedback mechanisms  - intracluster medium - mergers, shocks and cavities - role of BCGs - non-thermal processes

Julie HLAVACEK-LARRONDO (University de Montreal) - "The case for AGN feedback in clusters of galaxies" - Invited - 30'

Marie-Lou GENDRON-MARSOLAIS  "A multi-scale low radio frequency view of the Perseus cluster"                                                                         

Grzegorz MADEJSKI            "NuSTAR observations of 3C84 in the Perseus Cluster"       

Alastair EDGE                "The Slow Heartbeat of Supermassive Black Hole Fuelling"                                                                                

10:30 am - 11:00 am : Coffee break - 30’

Reinout Van WEEREN (University of Leiden) - no title, but probably mergers in radio; radio halos ? - Invited - 30'

Chiara STUARDI              "Is AGN activity necessary to power diffuse emission in galaxy clusters?"                                                               

Federica RICCI           "Stormy weather in 3C 196.1: Nuclear Outbursts and Merger Events Shape the Environment of the Hybrid Radio Galaxy 3C 196.1"    

Romana GROSSOVA              "The radio analysis of AGNs in giant elliptical galaxies"

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm : Lunch (provided) 

SESSION 4. The most famous 3C sources

Rick PERLEY (NRAO) - Cygnus A - no abstract - Invited - 30'

Paul NULSEN             "X-ray Observations of Cygnus A: a Powerful Radio Galaxy in a Dense Environment"     

Francesco TOMBESI       "Feeding and feedback in radio galaxies: an X-ray perspective"  

Alan MARSCHER           "The Quasi-Quasar 3C 120"              

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm : Coffee Break - 30'

William FORMAN (SAO) - M87 - no abstract - Invited - 30'

Ralph KRAFT             "Detection of Proper Motions in the Knots of the M87 (3C 274) Jet with the Chandra X-ray Observatory"                                   

Sara ISSAOUN            "Exploring new data and imaging frontiers with the Event Horizon Telescope"                                                             

Elena NOKHRINA          "M87 black hole mass from observations of a jet shape break"    

TALKS END 5:30pm

Tuesday Evening: Conference Dinner 

Alastair EDGE              "The 3C Survey - A personal perspective" - Dinner/Special talk                                                                                      


Wednesday, September 18, 9:00am - 12:30pm

SESSION 5. Frontiers of MHD simulations at all scales: jets, outflows, and intracluster medium

Andrea MIGNONE (Turin University) - no title yet - Invited - 30'

Dipanjan MUKHERJEE        "How relativistic jets from AGNs affect the host galaxy and its environment"                                                            

Nicholas MacDONALD        "Jets, Blobs, and Circular Polarization: Using PLUTO to Model Time Domain Variability in Blazars"                                       

Andrea TRAMACERE          "Self-consistent modeling of particle acceleration and evolution of spectral distribution in blazars"                                  

10:30 am - 11:00 am : Coffee break - 30’

Alexander TCHEKHOVSKOY (Northwestern University) - no title yet - Invited - 30'
Marek SIKORA             "Hot Relativistic Jets"      

Michael JANSSEN          "Theory vs. observations: Unraveling black hole accretion physics with the Event Horizon Telescope"              

Kenichi NISHIKAWA        "Reconnection and Associated Flares in Global Relativistic Jets Containing Helical Magnetic Fields with PIC Simulations"                

12:30 pm :  Lunch NOT provided

Free Afternoon and Evening / Social tours


Thursday, September 19, 9:00am - 5:45pm

SESSION 6. Extragalactic jets at all scales: from the central supermassive black hole to their interaction with the large scale environments

Brian McNAMARA (University of Waterloo) - no title yet - Invited - 30'

Clive TADHUNTER          "The cool ISM reservoirs of powerful radio galaxies: a new window on fuelling and triggering"                                           

Barbara BALMAVERDE       "The MURALES survey: a MUse RAdio Loud Emission lines Snapshot"                                                                         

Guilherme COUTO          "Feedback in local radio galaxies using optical IFS"                                                                                    
10:30 am - 11:00 am : Coffee break - 30’


11:00am - 12:30pm: SPECIAL SESSIONS:  A, B, C, in parallel

A. Radio Galaxy Classification - Larry RUDNICK, and ... (co-conveners)

After 5 decades, it’s time to revisit how we classify radio galaxies. The science demands a more sophisticated approach, and the massive new surveys provide the opportunity to do a better job. With the advent of citizen science projects and machine learning, and a new databases that could contain different types of morphological information, the community needs to decide the proper balance between fixed naming, and more flexible systems where objective criteria are used to define samples as needed. We will discuss the main issues/challenges facing us, and facilitate a discussion about the best path forward.

Lead-off talks - 10 minute slots (8 minute talk, 2 minute questions) each.
Sumana NANDI              "A study of different orientation of jet axes in DDRGs"

Katarzyna RUSINEK         "Radio bimodality of Swift/BAT AGNs and SDSS quasars"         


B. Multi-wavelength data - Barbara BALMAVERDE, and ... (co-conveners)

In the last two decades a suite of ground and space based observations has been built for the 3C at all accessible wavelengths with all major observing facilities from HST (with images from the UV to the IR and including also emission line imaging), to Chandra, Spitzer, Herschel, JVLA, as well as ground-based integral field optical spectra (e.g. with Muse). Each electromagnetic bands offer a different and complementary prospective of the radio galaxies phenomenon and allow the investigation of different scientific questions.

Lead-off talks - 10 minute slots (8 minute talk, 2 minute questions) each.

Dorota KOZIEL-WIERZBOWSKA  "How to distinguish radio AGN in a catalogue of radio sources"       
Fumiya IMAZATO             "Origin of optical to X-ray emission explored from variability analysis of radio galaxy NGC 1275"                                          


C. Polarimetry - Eric PERLMAN and Margo ALLER (co-conveners)

Polarimetry is useful for AGN and radio galaxies in several ways. It allows one to probe the structure of the central engine from other angles, by looking for scattered light.  It also allows one to probe the ordering of the magnetic field in the emitting and scattering regions.  It therefore is a key to AGN physics in a number of regions, both within the central engine as well as within the extended jets.  It allows us to test particle acceleration models as well as geometrical and unification models.  A special session would allow us to focus on these ideas.

Lead-off talks - 10 minute slots (8 minute talk, 2 minute questions) each.

Vincenzo GALLUZZI             "Multi-frequency polarimetry of a complete sample of faint PACO sources"       

Herman MARSHALL               "Observing Blazars with the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer"                                                                                               


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm : Lunch (provided) 

SESSION 6. Extragalactic jets at all scales: continued

Martin HARDCASTLE (University of Hertfordshire) - "Dynamical modelling of powerful radio galaxies and their environmental impact" - Invited - 30'

Raffaella MORGANTI       "Life-cycle of radio galaxies seen by LOFAR"                                                                                       

Jeremy HARWOOD           "Resolved spectral studies in the SKA era: radio galaxies and the AGES-XL survey"       

Vijay MAHATMA            "Resolved spectral ageing in 3C320 and 3C444"                

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm : Coffee Break - 30'

Larry RUDNICK            "A new class of radio structures: hybrid ICM/radio tails"       

Marisa BRIENZA           "A low frequency view on the restarted radio galaxy 3C388"      

Norbert WERNER           "A correlation between supermassive black holes and the hot atmospheres of host galaxies"                                               
Alessandro PAGGI         "Peering Into the Extended X-ray Emission on Megaparsec Scale in 3C 187"     

5:20pm - 5:45pm: POSTER HAIKUS (one minute, one slide per poster)


Friday, September 20, 9:00am - 5:30pm

SESSION 7. Quasars and Blazars: the heritage of 3C273, 3C279, and 3C454.3

Svetlana JORSTAD (Boston University) - "Legacy of Monitoring Parsec-Scale Jets of the Quasars 3C279, 3C273, and 3C454.3" - Invited - 30'

Margo ALLER             "Centimeter-band Variability in 3C 273, 3C 279, and 3C 345 as a Probe of Jet Evolution"   

Valeri LARIONOV         "Multiwavelength behaviour of the blazar 3C 279: decade-long studies from gamma-rays to radio"         

Víctor Manuel PATINO-ALVAREZ  "Exploring the Dominant Gamma-Ray Emission Mechanism using Multiwavelength Variability Analysis. Case Study: 3C 279"          

10:30 am - 11:00 am : Coffee break - 30’

Tiffany LEWIS           "Analysis of 3C 279 Orphan Gamma-Ray Flare"                
Alexander KUTKIN        "Acceleration of AGN jets on parsec-to-kiloparsec scales"                                                                              

Ranieri BALDI           "The radio properties of FR0 radio galaxies"     

Giulia MIGLIORI         "Unveiling the Particle Acceleration Regions in 3C Hot Spots"

12:20 pm - 1:50 pm : Lunch (provided) - starts 10 minutes early, still 1.5 hrs total

SUMMARY and Discussion of Special Sessions by Co-Conveners (30' per session)

A. Radio Galaxy Classification 

B. Multi-wavelength data 

C. Polarimetry

3:20 pm - 3:50 pm : Coffee Break - 30'

SESSION 7. Quasars and Blazars, continued

Eric PERLMAN            "High Energy Emission from Quasar Jets: HST polarimetry, X-ray and Gamma-ray Emission and the IC/CMB hypothesis"  

Marcello GIROLETTI      "Radio galaxies in gamma rays"                        

Stefan WAGNER           "Gamma-emission and variability: Beaming in Radiogalaxies"        

Diana WORRALL (University of Bristol) - Closing - 35’ 

Francesco MASSARO - Concluding Remarks - 5’

TALKS END - 5:30pm




Posters (alphabetic order):
- Anderson CAPRONI "The parsec-scale jet of the blazar PG 1553+113: kinematic properties and jet precession"
- Teddy CHEUNG         "Extended Radio Structures and a Compact X-ray Cool-Core in the Cluster Source PKS 1353–341"
- Devon CLAUTICE     "Unraveling the Physics of Quasar Jets Using HST Polarimetry"
- Vijayakumar DODDAMANI "Ultraviolet long term continuum variability in NGC 5548 Seyfert 1 galaxy using IUE data"                                               
- Maitrayee GUPTA       "Comparing radio-loud Swift/BAT AGN with their radio-quiet counterparts"   
- Anna KAPINSKA "EMU: Evolutionary Map of the Universe"
- Joana KRAMER "Ray-tracing through RMHD Jet Simulations: Using Polarized Radiative Transfer to Disentangle the Magnetic Field Structure of Relativistic Outflows"
- Evgeniya KRAVCHENKO "Locating the region of TeV gamma-ray emission in radio galaxy M87”
- Joanna KURASZKIEWICZ "Obscuration/Orientation effects in a sample of 0.5 < z < 1 3CRR sources observed by Chandra"
- David JAUNCEY     "Cambridge; sketches through a visitors eyes"
- Alessandro MASELLI "Multifrequency analysis on a group of unidentified radio sources in the 3CR Catalogue"
- Giancarlo MATTIA "Bipolar Jets Launched by a Mean-field Accretion Disk Dynamo"
- Mukul MHASKEY         "GMRT observations of a sample of Extremely Inverted Spectrum Extragalactic Radio Sources"                                              
- Valentina MISSAGLIA "Analysis of the Chandra observation of the cluster Abell 2395 hosting a bent radio galaxy"
- Daria MOROZOVA     "Parsec-scale jet activity and multi-wavelength behaviour of 3C 279 during 2014-2018"
- Ilya PASHCHENKO "Inferring AGN jet parameters using Bayesian analysis of VLBI data with non-uniform jet model."
- Eric PERLMAN         "Secular Evolution in the Nearest Tidal Disruption Event"                                                                                                                    
- Luca RICCI "Mapping the radio spectral index of the FR-I radio galaxy 3C 449"
- Sergey SAVCHENKO        "Photometric decomposition of 3C84"

====== END ======

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