S. Carignano - Power corrections to the HTL effective Lagrangian of QED

by Stefano Carignano (Universitat de Barcelona)

Pontecorvo room (LNGS)

Pontecorvo room



I will discuss some recent computations in thermal field theory centered around the Hard Thermal Loop/ Hard Dense Loop formalism.
First, I will focus on the derivation of power corrections to the HTL effective Lagrangian and introduce the On-Shell effective field theory (OSEFT) as a tool to systematically derive these contributions. I will then show how the OSEFT Lagrangian can be used to derive the equations of relativistic chiral kinetic theory. Finally, I will show results for the damping rate of a fermion in a chirally imbalanced system and discuss the fate of the chiral instability at vanishing temperature.
Stefano Carignano
Departament de Fisica Quantica i Astrofisica
Universitat de Barcelona