4th European Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop

from Sunday, 15 September 2019 (17:00) to Saturday, 21 September 2019 (19:00)
Hotel Hermitage, La Biodola Bay, Isola d'Elba, Italy

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15 Sep 2019
16 Sep 2019
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20 Sep 2019
Plenary Session 1 (until 10:30) (Sala Maria Luisa (SML))
09:00 Opening remarks - Massimo Ferrario (INFN / LNF) Ralph Assmann (DESY)   (Sala Maria Luisa (SML))
09:20 Passion Extreme Light - Gerard Mourou (Ecole Polytechnique)   (Sala Maria Luisa (SML))
10:00 Laser systems with accelerator-like performance, key for stable plasma electron beams - Andreas Maier (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science & Department of Physics, University of Hamburg)   (Sala Maria Luisa (SML))
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary Session 2 (until 12:30) (SML)
11:00 A new advanced facility for applications of laser-driven accelerators - Rajeev Pattathil (Central Laser Facility,)   (SML)
11:30 KALDERA -- High average power laser plasma accelerator project at DESY - Wim Leemans (DESY)   (SML)
12:00 Recent progress on laser-plasma acceleration at kHz repetition rate - Jerome Faure (Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée)   (SML)
Plenary Session 3 (until 10:40) (SML)
09:00 Plasma devices: plasma dechirper and plasma lens - Vladimir Shpakov (LNF)   (SML)
09:40 Petawatt laser guiding and electron beam acceleration to 7.8 GeV in a laser-heated capillary discharge waveguide - Anthony Gonsalves (LBNL)   (SML)
10:10 Applications of machine learning and active feedback in laser-plasma wakefield accelerators - Matthew Streeter (Imperial College London)   (SML)
10:40 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary Session 4 (until 12:40) (SML)
11:00 Overview of high gradient X-band RF technology development - Gerardo D'Auria (Elettra)   (SML)
11:40 Ultra-compact X-ray FEL Based on Advanced Cryogenic RF techniques - James Rosenzweig (UCLA)   (SML)
12:10 An update on the Radiobiology experiments at ultra -high dose rate employing laser-driven ion accelerators - Pankaj Chaudhary (Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen's University Belfast )   (SML)
Plenary Session 5 (until 10:40) (SML)
09:00 Overview of positron acceleration in plasma-based accelerators - Carl A. Lindstrøm (DESY)   (SML)
09:40 Acceleration of electrons in the plasma wakefield of a self-modulated proton bunch - Marlene Turner (CERN)   (SML)
10:10 External Injection experiment: first accelerated beam - Jianfei Hua (Tsinghua University)   (SML)
10:40 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary Session 6 (until 12:40) (SML)
11:00 Recent developments in dielectric laser acceleration - Peter Hommelhoff (University of Erlangen (FAU))   (SML)
11:40 Key physics study of high quality laser driven ion acceleration - Yang Wan (Weizmann Institute of Science )   (SML)
12:10 Near-100 MeV protons via a laser-driven transparency-enhanced hybrid acceleration - Ross Gray (University of Strathclyde)   (SML)
Plenary Session 7 (until 10:40) (SML)
09:00 The road to very high energies - Steinar Stapnes (CERN)   (SML)
09:40 Status and future perspectives of the EuPRAXIA project - Ralph Assmann (DESY)   (SML)
10:10 Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Science at FACET-II - Mark Hogan (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)   (SML)
10:40 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary Session 8 (until 12:40) (SML)
11:00 Status of ELI projects - Georg Korn (ELIBeamLines)   (SML)
11:40 Recent Developments and Future Applications for Laser-Driven Neutron Sources - Ceri Brenner (STFC Central Laser Facility)   (SML)
12:10 Experimental Signatures of the Quantum Nature of Radiation Reaction in the Field of an Ultraintense Laser - Gianluca Sarri (Queen's University Belfast)   (SML)
Plenary Session 9 (until 10:40) (SML)
09:00 Overview of optical plasma diagnostics for novel accelerators - Fernando Brandi (Istituto Nazionale di Ottica - CNR)   (SML)
09:40 Driver/witness bunch PWFA experiments at FLASHForward - Sarah Schroeder (DESY)   (SML)
10:10 Hybrid LWFA-PWFA staging: from concept to proof-of-principle experiments - Arie Irman (Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf)   (SML)
10:40 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary Session 10 (until 12:10) (SML)
11:00 Future perspectives on short wavelength FELs - Agostino Marinelli (SLAC)   (SML)
11:40 All-optical structuring of laser-driven proton beam profiles - Josefine Metzkes-Ng (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (SML)
17:00 --- Registration for Delegates and Exhibitors ---
19:30 --- Welcome Cocktail ---
20:00 --- Dinner ---
12:30 --- Lunch Time ---
WG1-WG5 Joint Session - Advanced Beam Metrology (until 17:30) (SML)
16:00 Observation of sub-femtosecond structures in laser wakefield accelerated electron bunches - Omid Zarini (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf e.V.)   (SML)
16:20 Gamma-ray radiation in beam-plasma interaction as a diagnostics for emittance growth in PWFA and for beam filamentation instabilities - Sébastien Corde (Ecole Polytechnique)   (SML)
16:40 Energy resolved emittance measurements and chromatic emittance growth of laser-wakefield accelerated beams - Paul Winkler (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science & Department of Physics, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany and DESY)   (SML)
17:00 Multi Spectral CTR Imaging and Interferometry of Laser Wakefield Accelerated Electron Bunches - Maxwell LaBerge (University of Texas - Austin)   (SML)
WG3 - Dielectric Acceleration (until 17:30) (Sala Bonaparte 1 (SB1))
16:00 Towards MeV energy gains in dielectric laser accelerators - Pietro Musumeci (UCLA)   (Sala Bonaparte 1 (SB1))
16:20 Characterization of the Electron Beam in the ACHIP Chamber in SwissFEL - Rasmus Ischebeck (PSI)   (Sala Bonaparte 1 (SB1))
16:40 Geometric optimization of Dielectric Laser Accelerator (DLA) through PIC simulations - Gyanendra Yadav (University of Liverpool)   (Sala Bonaparte 1 (SB1))
17:00 Alternating phase focusing in dielectric laser acceleration - Johannes Illmer (Chair for Laserphysics, FAU)   (Sala Bonaparte 1 (SB1))
WG4 (until 17:30) (Sala Elena (SE))
16:00 Application of laser-accelerated particles (protons and electrons) to radiation biology. - Alessandro Flacco (LOA/ENSTA)   (Sala Elena (SE))
16:20 Dosimetry of laser-accelerated carbon ions for cell irradiation at ultra-high dose rate - Giuliana Milluzzo (Queen's University Belfast)   (Sala Elena (SE))
16:40 Toward effective applications of laser-driven VHEE in radiotherapy: dosimetry, multiple-field irradiation and intensity-modulated fields - Luca Labate (CNR - INO and INFN - Pisa)   (Sala Elena (SE))
17:00 Laser-PIXE using laser-accelerated proton beams - Patrizio Antici (INRS)   (Sala Elena (SE))
WG6 (until 17:30) (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
16:00 Scalable particle-in-cell simulations on many-core hardware with the free and open source code PIConGPU - Klaus Steiniger (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
16:20 Modeling the L|PWFA hybrid accelerator using PIConGPU - Alexander Debus (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf) Klaus Steiniger (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
16:40 A spectral, quasi-3D, multi-GPU Particle-In-Cell code for plasma accelerators - Manuel Kirchen (University of Hamburg)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
17:00 Stability analysis of Laser-Plasma accelerators using quasi-cylindrical PIC simulations - Soeren Jalas (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science & Department of Physics, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
WG7 (until 17:30) (Sala Biodola (SBIO))
16:00 New Vulcan PetaWatt beamline: Ultra-broadband, picosecond OPCPA FrontEnd - Mario Galletti (Instituto Superior Tecnico)   (Sala Biodola (SBIO))
16:20 Concept of an OPCPA-seeded drive laser for long-term stable plasma acceleration - Timo Eichner (University of Hamburg/Center for Free-Electron Laser Science)   (Sala Biodola (SBIO))
16:40 First experimental results of an OPCPA seed for a long-term stable plasma acceleration drive laser - Timo Eichner (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science & Department of Physics, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany)   (Sala Biodola (SBIO))
17:00 High average power laser drivers for particle acceleration - Christophe Simon-Boisson (Thales LAS)   (Sala Biodola (SBIO))
17:30 --- Coffee Break ---
WG1-WG5 Joint Session - Ultrafast Dynamics Metrology (until 19:00) (SML)
18:00 Excitation of beam driven plasma waves in a hybrid L|PWFA - Susanne Schoebel (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (SML)
18:20 Impact of ultrafast laser generated Weibel magnetic fields on propagation dynamics of relativistic electron bunches - Olena Kononenko (LOA, ENSTA ParisTech, CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Institut Polytechnique de Paris)   (SML)
18:40 Investigating the stability of a GeV-class laser wakefield accelerator using few-cycle shadowgraphy and polarimetry - Alexander Sävert (Institute for Optics and Quantumelectronics, FSU Jena)   (SML)
WG2-WG4 Joint Session (until 19:00) (SE)
18:00 Laser-driven Ion Acceleration and Societal Applications at the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) - Daniele Margarone (ELI-Beamlines, IoP-ASCR)   (SE)
18:20 ELIMED: the first Users beamline dedicated to the irradiation studies with laser-driven ion beams - Mr Roberto Catalano (INFN - LNS)   (SE)
18:40 Dose controlled irradiation experiments with laser-accelerated protons at Draco Petawatt - Florian-Emanuel Brack (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (SE)
WG3 - Dielectric Acceleration (until 19:00) (Sala Bonaparte 1 (SB1))
18:00 Generation and characterization of attosecond micro-bunched electron pulse trains via dielectric laser acceleration - Norbert Schönenberger (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)   (Sala Bonaparte 1 (SB1))
18:20 Numerical study of fabrication tolerances for dielectric laser acceleration (DLA) structures - Andrzej Szczepkowicz (University of Wroclaw)   (Sala Bonaparte 1 (SB1))
18:40 Development of Dielectric Disk Accelerators for Argonne 500MeV Short Pulse Two Beam Wakefield Accelerator Demonstrator - Alexei Kanareykin (Euclid Techlabs LLC/ANL)   (Sala Bonaparte 1 (SB1))
WG6 (until 19:00) (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
18:00 Recent orientations in the Smilei particle-in-cell simulation software - Arnaud Beck (Laboratoire Leprince Ringuet)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
18:20 Efficient modelling of Laser WakeField Acceleration with realistic laser profile using azimuthal cylindrical geometry - Imen Zemzemi (Laboratoire Leprince-Ringuet, Ecole polytechnique)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
18:40 Efficient 3D envelope modelisation for two-stage laser wakefield acceleration experiments - Francesco Massimo (LLR - CNRS)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
WG7 (until 19:00) (Sala Biodola (SBIO))
18:00 Coherent combination of unequal photonic crystal fibre lasers - Laura Corner (Cockcroft Institute, University of Liverpool)   (Sala Biodola (SBIO))
Cheese and Wine Poster Session 1 (until 20:00) (Parking Area)
19:00 A concept for an active plasma undulator - Andrea Renato Rossi (MI)   (Parking Area)
19:00 A cryogenic undulator for a laser-plasma driven FEL experiment - Maximilian Trunk (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science & Department of Physics, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany)   (Parking Area)
19:00 A photon beam line for the water window FEL at EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB - Fabio Villa (INFN / LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Beam quality optimization in a beam loaded nanocoulomb-class laser wakefield accelerator - Alexander Koehler (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Betatron radiation diagnostic for AWAKE Run 2 - Barney Williamson (University of Manchester)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Characterization of wavebreaking time and dissipation of weakly nonlinear wakefields due to ion motion - Roman Spitsyn (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Coherent diffraction radiation of relativistic terahertz pulses from a laser-driven micro-plasma-waveguide - Longqing Yi (Chalmers University of Technology)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Collisional effects on solid density heavy ion laser-plasma targets - Andréas Sundström (Chalmers University of Technology)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Comparison of OSIRIS/LCODE/QV3D simulations with the measurements of the proton beam in AWAKE experiment - Konstantin Lotov (Novosibirsk State University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Control of undulator radiation using a Laser Plasma Acceleration Source - Amin Ghaith (synchrotron soleil)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Design and optimization of a 5 GeV beam-driven stage for EuPRAXIA - Pardis Niknejadi (DESY)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Design Studies for Permenant Magnetic Quadrupole Triplet for Matching into Laser Driven Wake Field Acceleration Experiment with External Injection at SINBAD - Sumera Yamin (DESY)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Design studies of the electron injector and beam transport for external injection at AWAKE Run 2 - Steffen Doebert (CERN)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Development of the millimeter wavelength accelerating structure - Mariya Arsentyeva (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk State University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Diagnostics for an Electron Pulse Train Obtained by Modulation in a Laser-Driven Dielectric Structure at SwissFEL - Benedikt Hermann (Paul Scherrer Institut)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Electromagnetic and Beam Dynamics Studies for High Gradient Accelerators at Terahertz Frequencies - Marco Marongiu (INFN / LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Electron Beam Shaping for High Efficiency Acceleration at the AWA Facility. - John Power (Argonne National Laboratory)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Emittance Reduction by Density Tapering in Laser-Plasma Electron Acceleration - Eitan Y. Levine (Weizmann Institute of Science)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Employing double-achromat bunch compressors for plasma-wakefield accelerator experiments - Jonas Björklund Svensson (Lund University, Department of Physics)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Experimental progress towards an all-optical Thomson source for X-ray flourescence imaging - Kristjan Poder (DESY)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Experimental scaling of fast electron beams generated by high-intensity laser-solid matter interactions - Mario Galletti (Instituto Superior Tecnico)   (Parking Area)
19:00 First Operational Experience and Magnetic Characterization of a Superconducting Transverse Gradient Undulator for the Compact Laser Wakefield Acceleration-Driven FELs - Kantaphon Damminsek (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   (Parking Area)
19:00 High Charge Electron Beams Generated with a Hybrid Laser Plasma Accelerator Driven by Picosecond, Kilojoule class lasers - Paul King   (Parking Area)
19:00 High Intensity Laser hybrid guiding for electron acceleration - Artem Kim (LPGP-ITFIP)   (Parking Area)
19:00 High level software for beam phase space and trajectory characterization - Valentina Martinelli (INFN / LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Innovative Analytical calculation of the Group velocity in accelerating travelling wave structures. - Mostafa Behtouei (INFN - LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Innovative Clamping and Braze-Free Accelerating Structure. - Bruno Spataro (INFN / LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Installation and infrastructure for big PWA facilities: what we learnt from AWAKE Run 1 and challenges for AWAKE Run 2. - Ans Pardons (CERN)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Investigating linear Breit-Wheeler pair production at Gemini - Brendan Kettle (Imperial College London)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Ionizing Laser Propagation at AWAKE - Joshua Moody (Max Planck Institute for Physics)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Laser frequency matching with Electron energy for Thomson source - Marcel Ruijter (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Laser-driven electron storage rings - Shaukat Khan (Center for Synchrotron Radiation (DELTA), TU Dortmund University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Multi-objective Optimization of the Matching Beamline for External Injection into a Laser-driven Plasma Accelerator - Eva Panofski (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Near-surface electron acceleration by grazingly incident laser pulses - Dmitry Serebryakov (Institute of Applied Physics RAS)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Novel method for transverse probing of low-density, hydrodynamic optical-field-ionised plasma channels - Alex Picksley (University of Oxford)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Novel spectrometer design for laser driven ion acceleration diagnostic - Antonia Morabito (ROMA1)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Numerical calculation of the Purcell-Smith radiation from dielectric laser acceleration (DLA) structures - Andrzej Szczepkowicz (University of Wroclaw)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Optimal Wakefield Excitation in Plasma by Non-resonant Train of Relativistic Electron Bunches - Denys Bondar (Karazin Kharkiv National University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Parameter studies on dielectric gratings as electron accelerators - Willi Kuropka (DESY Hamburg, University of Hamburg)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Particle Acceleration using Carbon Nanotube Arrays - Gyanendra Yadav (University of Liverpool)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Predicting the Trajectories of Relativistic Electron Beams for External Injection in Plasma Wakefield Acceleration - Felipe Peña Asmus (Max Planck Institute for Physics)   (Parking Area)
19:00 REGAE Beamline Upgrade - Benno Zeitler (CFEL and University of Hamburg)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Seeded Self Modulation of Transversely Asymmetric Long Proton bunches in Plasma - Patric Muggli (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Self-Modulation and Micro-Bunching Phase Stability Studies in AWAKE - Patric Muggli (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Simulation of a passive longitudinal phase space synthesizer concept based on 3D-printed dielectric-lined waveguides - Frank Mayet (DESY, Hamburg, Germany & University of Hamburg, Germany)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Simulations of a wakefield dissipation in a radially bounded plasma - Konstantin Lotov (Novosibirsk State University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Simultaneous Space Time Focusing in Controlled Ionisation Injection - James Holloway (The University of Oxford)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Spectral phase effects on laser-accelerated proton beams - Giada Cantono (Lund University) Alexander Permogorov (Lund University) Kristoffer Svendsen (Lund university)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Studies of Terahertz interactions with plasma for particle accelerators - Massimo Petrarca (ROMA1)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Study of external electron beam injection into proton driven plasma wakefields for AWAKE Run2 - Livio Verra (CERN)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Study of the Seeded Self-Modulation Growth in the AWAKE Experiment - Anna-Maria Bachmann (CERN)   (Parking Area)
19:00 The Effects of Tape-Based Plasma Mirrors on GeV Electron Beams, with a View to Staging Laser Wakefield Accelerators - Jonathan Wood (Imperial College London)   (Parking Area)
19:00 The SCAPA facility: Pioneering novel applications for next generation laser plasma accelerators - George Holt (University of Strathclyde)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Three dimensional bunch shaping for plasma wakefield accelerators - Gregor Loisch (DESY Zeuthen)   (Parking Area)
19:00 THz-driven short period undulators - David Rohrbach (University of Bern)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Towards additive manufacturing of dielectric accelerating structures - Max Kellermeier (DESY)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Transverse Beam Breakup Instability in Dielectric Laser Accelerators - Thilo Egenolf (TEMF, TU Darmstadt)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Wakefield Excitation in a Metallic-Density Electron Plasma by X-ray Laser Pulses - Denys Bondar (Karazin Kharkiv National University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Zemax simulations for laser propagation in plasma waveguides - Fabrizio Giuseppe Bisesto (LNF)   (Parking Area)
20:00 --- Dinner ---
12:40 --- Lunch Time ---
WG1 - Plasma acceleration physics I (until 17:30) (SML)
16:00 Minimizing betatron coupling of energy spread and divergence in laser-wakefield accelerated electrons - Alexander Koehler (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf)   (SML)
16:20 Electron acceleration in beam-loaded and beam-dominated laser wakefields - Andreas Döpp (LMU Munich)   (SML)
16:40 Effect of the plasma scale length variation on the extraction of electron beams from a GeV-class wakefield accelerator - Rob Shalloo (Imperial College London)   (SML)
17:00 Single Shot High Transformer Ratio Measurements in the Nonlinear Plasma Regime - Gerard Andonian (UCLA)   (SML)
WG3 - Particle Sources (until 16:40) (SB1)
16:00 A Compact High Brightness Electron Source - Klaus Floettmann (DESY)   (SB1)
16:20 Spatial autocorrelation study for laser beam quality estimation - Jessica Scifo (LNF)   (SB1)
WG4 - FEL (until 17:30) (SE)
16:00 Progress towards BELLA Center’s Laser-Plasma Accelerator based Free Electron Laser - Jeroen van Tilborg (LBNL)   (SE)
16:20 Frontiers of Inverse Free Electron Laser acceleration - Pietro Musumeci (UCLA)   (SE)
16:40 Progress towards laser plasma electron based free electron laser on COXINEL - Marie Emmanuelle Couprie (Synchrotron SOLEIL)   (SE)
17:00 PWFA-FEL: An exploratory study towards an ultra-compact x-ray free-electron laser - Fahim A. Habib (SUPA, Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK and Cockcroft Institute, Sci-Tech, Daresbury, UK.)   (SE)
WG6 (until 17:30) (SBIO)
16:00 Toward the modeling of chains of plasma accelerator stages with WarpX - Jean-Luc Vay (Berkeley Lab)   (SBIO)
16:20 Progress on the Vorpal exascale transition - Benjamin Cowan (Tech-X Corporation)   (SBIO)
16:40 Updates on QuickPIC Open Source - Weiming An (Beijing Normal University)   (SBIO)
17:00 Force exerted on particle bunch propagating near plasma-vacuum boundary - Konstantin Lotov (Novosibirsk State University)   (SBIO)
WG8 (until 17:30) (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
16:30 A PWFA Multi-TeV gamma-gamma collider - Erik Adli (University of Oslo, Norway)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
16:50 Gamma Factory for CERN: concept and progress report - Kevin Cassou (Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
17:10 500 MeV High Efficiency Demonstrator for the AWA Short-Pulse Two Beam Accelerator - John Power (Argonne National Laboratory)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
WG5 - Beam Transport (until 17:30) (SB1)
16:40 Prediction and control of electron beams using machine learning based diagnostics: proof-of-principle studies in support of applications at FACET-II - Mark J. Hogan (SLAC)   (SB1)
17:00 A tunable plasma-based energy dechirper - Richard D'Arcy (DESY)   (SB1)
17:30 --- Coffee Break ---
WG1 - Plasma acceleration physics II and high rep rates (until 19:30) (SML)
18:00 Electron acceleration in merging laser wakefields - Olle Lundh (Lund University)   (SML)
18:20 Angstrom wavelength FEL driven by 5 GeV LWFA beam with external injection - Andrea Renato Rossi (MI)   (SML)
18:40 Progress towards high-repetition-rate plasma accelerators - Simon Hooker (University of Oxford)   (SML)
19:00 FLASHForward: Plasma wakefield accelerator science for high average power applications - Richard D'Arcy (DESY)   (SML)
WG4 (until 18:40) (Sala Elena (SE))
18:00 SINBAD-ARES - A Photo-Injector for external Injection Experiments in novel Accelerators at DESY - Barbara Marchetti (DESY)   (Sala Elena (SE))
18:20 e-SYLOS: a kHz laser wakefield driven beamline for radiobiological and imaging applications at ELI-ALPS - Rob Shalloo (Imperial College London)   (Sala Elena (SE))
WG5 (until 19:30) (SB1)
18:00 Recent developments at the CLEAR Plasma Lens Experiment - Erik Adli (University of Oslo, Norway)   (SB1)
18:20 Measuring Transverse Displacement Between the Drive and Witness Beam for PWFA - Keenan Hunt-Stone (Univ. of Colorado, USA)   (SB1)
18:40 Evolution of an ionized plasma column measured by proton beam self-modulation - Spencer Gessner (CERN)   (SB1)
19:00 Beam Matching in PWFA with a Laser-Ionized Plasma Source - Michael Litos (University of Colorado Boulder)   (SB1)
WG6 (until 19:00) (SBIO)
18:00 Modeling of capillary discharge plasmas for wakefield acceleration and beam transport - Nathan Cook (RadiaSoft LLC)   (SBIO)
18:20 Modeling and simulation of transverse wakefields in PWFA - Jian Bin Ben Chen (CERN/University of Oslo)   (SBIO)
18:40 Collisionless shock acceleration in near-critical and underdense plasmas - Elisabetta Boella (Lancaster University & Cockcroft Institute)   (SBIO)
WG8 - Positrons (until 19:30) (SB2)
18:00 Homogeneous and Identical Focusing of Train of Relativistic Positron Bunches in Plasma - Denys Bondar (Karazin Kharkiv National University)   (SB2)
18:20 Efficiency and beam quality in a loaded quasilinear plasma wakefield positron accelerator - Siyi Yu (Ecole Polytechnique)   (SB2)
WG3-WG4 Joint Session (until 19:30) (SE)
18:40 Compact Radiation Sources Using Dielectric Laser Accelerators - Joel England (SLAC)   (SE)
WG2-WG6 Joint Session (until 19:30) (SBIO)
19:00 Enhanced ion acceleration from a non-ideal laser pulse contrast - Marco Garten (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf)   (SBIO)
20:00 --- Dinner ---
12:40 --- Lunch Time ---
15:00 --- Special Meeting with Students ---
WG1 - PWFA experimental results (until 17:30) (SML)
16:00 Seeded Self-Modulation of a Relativistic Proton Drive Bunch in Plasma - Anna-Maria Bachmann (CERN)   (SML)
16:20 Observation of the Hosing Instability in AWAKE - Mathias Hüther (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik)   (SML)
16:40 FLASHForward: first experimental results - Kristjan Poder (DESY)   (SML)
17:00 Generation and acceleration of electron bunches from a plasma photocathode - Fahim A. Habib (SUPA, Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK and Cockcroft Institute, Sci-Tech, Daresbury, UK.) Thomas Heinemann (Univ. Strathclyde / DESY)   (SML)
WG2 - WG5 (Joint Session) (until 17:30) (SBIO)
16:00 Optical probing of pre-plasma dynamics for laser ion acceleration - Max Mäusezahl (Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Institute for Optics and Quantum Electronics)   (SBIO)
16:20 Off-harmonic optical probing of high intensity laser interaction with cryogenic hydrogen jet target - Constantin Bernert (HZDR Germany)   (SBIO)
16:40 Focusing of laser-accelerated proton beams with active plasma lens - Jianhui Bin (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (SBIO)
17:00 Simultaneous temporal resolved measurements of protons and fast electrons in TNSA experiments - Fabrizio Giuseppe Bisesto (LNF)   (SBIO)
WG3 - Dielectric Beam-driven Acceleration Thz acceleration (until 17:30) (SB1)
16:00 Electron Beam Driven Wakefield Generation at the AWA Facility - Manoel Conde (Argonne National Laboratory)   (SB1)
16:20 First Dielectric Wakefield Experiments at Daresbury Laboratory - Yuri Saveliev (STFC, Daresbury Lab., ASTeC)   (SB1)
16:40 Experimental demonstration of a continuously tunable terahertz source based on a dielectric wakefield structure - Thomas Pacey (STFC, ASTeC)   (SB1)
17:00 On the Resonant Properties of THz Laminated Accelerating Structures - Vasili Tsakanov (CANDLE Synchrotron Research Institute)   (SB1)
WG4 - Thomson (until 17:30) (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
16:00 Compact spectral characterization of 10-500 MeV $\gamma$-rays from the Texas Petawatt Laser-Driven Plasma Accelerator - Andrea Hannasch (University of Texas at Austin)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
16:20 X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging with a Laser-Wakefield Thomson X-Ray Source - Theresa Staufer (University of Hamburg)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
16:40 A Compact Gamma Ray Source Based on ICS - Chuanxiang Chuanxiang Tang (Tsinghua University)   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
17:00 Broadband, high-flux x-ray source from a hybrid laser plasma accelerator driven by picosecond lasers - Paul King   (Sala Bonaparte 2 (SB2))
WG6-WG8 Joint Session (until 17:30) (SE)
16:00 Physics Opportunities at a Lepton Collider in the Fully Nonperturbative QED Regime - Vitaly Yakimenko (SLAC)   (SE)
16:20 A plasma-based accelerator beamline for ultra-low energy spread beams in the 1 GeV range - Ángel Ferran Pousa (DESY)   (SE)
16:40 Particle acceleration in co-axial plasma channels - Alexander Pukhov (University of Dusseldorf)   (SE)
17:00 Positron transport and acceleration in beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerators using a plasma column - Severin Diederichs (University of Hamburg/DESY/LBNL)   (SE)
17:30 --- Coffee Break ---
WG1 - Injection control (until 19:00) (SML)
18:00 Dual energy electron beams from two independent injection events - Stefan Karsch (LMU Munich) Andreas Döpp (LMU Munich)   (SML)
18:20 Narrow energy spread electron beams from controlled injection - Manuel Kirchen (University of Hamburg)   (SML)
18:40 Narrow energy spread, GeV electron beams from shock injection in a laser wakefield accelerator - Matthew Streeter (Imperial College London)   (SML)
WG2 (until 19:00) (SBIO)
18:00 Polarized Beams from Laser-Plasma Accelerators - Andreas Lehrach (Forschungszentrum Jülich / IKP-4 and RWTH Aachen University)   (SBIO)
18:20 Ultra-High Intensity Laser Research at BELLA - Sven Steinke (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (SBIO)
WG3 - Thz acceleration (until 19:00) (SB1)
18:00 THz streaking of ultrashort electron bunches - Thomas Feurer (University of Bern)   (SB1)
18:20 Acceleration of relativistic beams using laser-generated terahertz pulses - Steven Jamison (Lancaster University)   (SB1)
18:40 Challenges and tolerances for a compact and hybrid ultrafast X-ray pulse source based on RF and THz technologies - Thomas Vinatier (DESY)   (SB1)
WG4 - New Facilities, laser wakefield betatron for QED and HED (until 19:00) (SB2)
18:00 Science Applications for the European Accelerator Research Infrastructure EuPRAXIA - Maria Katharina Weikum (DESY)   (SB2)
18:20 EuPRAXIA project and the UK plan to develop a centre for applications EuPRAXIA beamlines - Roman Walczak (University of Oxford)   (SB2)
18:40 MariX: a Multi-disciplinary Advanced Research Infrastructure for the generation and application of X-rays - Andrea Renato Rossi (MI)   (SB2)
WG6 - Proposed solution(s) to physical problem, Envelope PGC model (until 19:00) (SE)
18:00 Stable positron acceleration in self-generated hollow channels - Thales Silva (GoLP/Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon))   (SE)
18:20 Full-scale modeling of plasma-based accelerators using ponderomotive guiding center solver in OSIRIS - Anton Helm (Group for Lasers and Plasmas (GoLP), Institute for Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion (IPFN))   (SE)
18:40 Numerical implementation of a hybrid PIC-fluid framework in laser-envelope approximation - Davide Terzani (INO - CNR)   (SE)
Cheese and Wine Poster Session 2 (until 20:00) (Parking Area)
19:00 A compact UHV-compatible high-voltage supply for a small dielectric laser accelerator - Stefanie Kraus   (Parking Area)
19:00 Advanced Acceleration by Dielectric Based Structures, and Dielectric Materials for Accelerator Applications. - Alexei Kanareykin (Euclid Techlabs LLC/ANL)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Advances in plasma-based beam dump modelling - Barney Williamson (University of Manchester)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Alternating phase focusing in dielectric laser acceleration - Johannes Illmer (Chair for Laserphysics, FAU)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Characterisation of LWFA with realistic laser profiles for ESCULAP project - Viacheslav Kubytskyi (Postdoctoral Fellow)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Characterization of optical properties of organic crystals required by high energy THz pulse generation for THz particle accelerators - Valerio Dolci (ROMA1)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Chromatic Effects on Plasma Channels Formed with an Axicon Lens - Aimee Ross (University of Oxford)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Coherent active THz phase modulation during Optical Rectification process for THz particle accelerators - Massimo Petrarca (ROMA1)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Control of electron injection in laser wakefield acceleration with external magnetic fields - Zhengming Sheng (University of Strathclyde)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Conventionally accelerated and plasma-accelerated particles for studying destructive pigment darkening in artworks - Patrizio Antici (INRS)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Corrugated Waveguide Based Wakefield Accelerator for an XFEL - John Power (Argonne National Laboratory)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Design of an experiment to measure the decay rate of laser-driven linear wakefields - Jakob Jonnerby (University of Oxford)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Electron Beam Matching Strategies for External Injection in LWFA for SINBAD-ARES - Eva Panofski (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Electron bunch length in laser-plasma acceleration. - Danilo Giulietti (PI)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Energetic protons due to effective target heating from a near-critical plasma sphere using an ultra-short intense laser - Ankita Bhagawati (Tezpur University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Enhanced proton acceleration from ultra-thin foils with non-periodic nano-holes - Giada Cantono (Lund University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Estimates of the radioisotope production from laser driven proton acceleration - Julien Bonvalet (CELIA (CNRS))   (Parking Area)
19:00 Experimental investigation of hosing instability mitigation - Gregor Loisch (DESY Zeuthen)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Experimental results from a two-color laser wakefield accelerator and its application to positron beam generation - Nasr Hafz (Nasr)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Experimental study of the unmatched regime for laser-driven wakefield acceleration - Alexander Soloviev (Institute of Applied Physics of RAS)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Feasibility study for a THz acceleration experiment on the PHIL facility at LAL - Thomas Vinatier (DESY)   (Parking Area)
19:00 FEL-quality 5GeV e-bunches with the Resonant Multi Pulse Ionization injection scheme. - Paolo Tomassini (CNR-INO)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Generation and characterization of attosecond micro-bunched electron pulse trains via dielectric laser acceleration - Norbert Schönenberger (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Guiding of high-intensity laser pulses through long, low-density hydrodynamic optical-field-ionised (HOFI) plasma channels - Alex Picksley (University of Oxford)   (Parking Area)
19:00 High repetition rate and coherent Free-Electron Laser in the X-rays range tailored for linear spectroscopy - Michele Opromolla (Università Statale degli Studi di Milano, INFN Sezione di Milano)   (Parking Area)
19:00 High transformer ratio resonant PWFA working point design for EuPRAXIA@SPARC_LAB - Stefano Romeo (LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 High-brightness electron beams from hybrid LWFA-PWFA staging - Thomas Heinemann (Uni Strathclyde / DESY)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Initial Design of a High-Power Ka-Band Klystron - Mostafa Behtouei (INFN - LNF) Luigi Faillace (MI)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Injector design for the MariX-FEL project - Luigi Faillace (MI)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Mitigating a large energy spread in the laser plasma driven FEL using FEL beam conditioning - Alex Murokh (RadiaBeam Technologies, LLC.)   (Parking Area)
19:00 New Tunable High Gradient Permanent Magnet Quadrupole for Plasma Wake Field Acceleration at SPARC_LAB - David Alesini (LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Nuclear activation of copper isotopes in a $\gamma$-ray beamline based on Texas Petawatt Laser-Plasma Accelerated Electrons - Andrea Hannasch (University of Texas at Austin)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Optimization of the Arc Compressor performance in the MariX Free Electron Laser - Marcello Rossetti Conti (INFN Milano)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Optimization towards the demonstration of high-quality electron-beam generation from density downramp injection in a beam driven PWFA at FLASHForward - Alexander Knetsch (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Plans for a Transverse Gradient Undulator Experiment at SINBAD-ARES - Ulrich Dorda (DESY)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Plasma afterglow metrology at CLARA - Alastair James Nutter (University of Strathclyde)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Plasma density profile measurements for ultra-short high power laser beam guiding experiments at SPARC_LAB - Gemma Costa (INFN / LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Plasma Mirror Reflectivity Measurements on Gemini in a Staged Laser Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Set-Up - Jan-Niclas Gruse (Imperial College London)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Progress of the L3IA ion beamline at ILIL-PW - Leonida Antonio Gizzi (CNR-INO and INFN)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Progress on the Commissioning of a Terahertz-Driven Velocity Bunching Experiment - Oliver Finlay (Lancaster University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Quantitative reconstruction of wakefield electron density distribution - Moritz Foerster (LMU Munich)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Recent results at SPARC_LAB - Riccardo Pompili (INFN / LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Resonant electron acceleration with laser-irradiated microstructured targets - Dmitry Serebryakov (Institute of Applied Physics RAS)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Seeding with an electron bunch the self-modulation of a long, relativistic particle bunch in a plasma - Patric Muggli (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Simulations study of compact and tunable active-plasma lens system for witness extraction and driver removal - Alessio Del Dotto (INFN /LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Single-shot multi-keV X-ray absorption spectroscopy using an ultrashort laser wakefield accelerator source - Brendan Kettle (Imperial College London)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Stability analysis of plasma photocathode produced ultrahigh brightness electron beams - Fahim A. Habib (SUPA, Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK and Cockcroft Institute, Sci-Tech, Daresbury, UK.)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Status of the development of single shot emittance measurement at SPARC_LAB - Matteo Cesarini (INFN / LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Status report on the dielectric laser acceleration experiments at the SINBAD/ARES linac - Frank Mayet (DESY, Hamburg, Germany & University of Hamburg, Germany)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Study of the plasma plume effects on the beam quality for plasma based accelerators - Angelo Biagioni (LNF)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Terahertz Fringe Fields Effects on the Beam Dynamics of a THz-driven Gun - Max Kellermeier (DESY)   (Parking Area)
19:00 The AWAKE Run 2 Facility - Edda Gschwendtner (CERN)   (Parking Area)
19:00 The dynamics and interplay of beam hosing and self-modulation in experimental conditions - Mariana Moreira (IST, CERN)   (Parking Area)
19:00 THz acceleration and phase space manipulation: ponderomotive interactive vs slow wave structure - Pietro Musumeci (UCLA)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Towards single-shot spatio-temporal characterisation of a multi-PW laser - Christoph Marvin Eberle (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Transformer Ratio at Wakefield Excitation in Dielectric Resonator Electron-Positron Collider by Train of Electron Bunches with Linear Growth of Current - Denys Bondar (Karazin Kharkiv National University)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Transverse wakefield effects in dielectric slab symmetric structures - Gerard Andonian (UCLA)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Tunable laser plasma acceleration based on ionization injection - Philipp Messner (Center for Free-Electron Laser Science & Department of Physics, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany, Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter,)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Update on ALEGRO activities - A. ALEGRO (ALEGRO)   (Parking Area)
19:00 Using existing laser facilities to probe quantum radiation reaction – optimal parameters and expected results - Christopher Arran (University of York)   (Parking Area)
20:00 --- Dinner ---
12:40 --- Lunch Time ---
WG2 (until 17:30) (SBIO)
16:00 Contrast Dependence of Laser-Driven Proton Acceleration - Sebastian Keppler (Helmholtz-Institute Jena)   (SBIO)
16:20 Ion acceleration from ultra-thin foil targets using a PW-class laser with optimized temporal pulse profile - Karl Zeil (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (SBIO)
16:40 Evolution of relativistic transparency in nanometer-scale targets - Emma-Jane Ditter (Imperial College London)   (SBIO)
17:00 Bulk ion acceleration from ultrathin foils in PW-class interactions on the ASTRA GEMINI laser - Aodhan McIlvenny (Queen's University Belfast)   (SBIO)
WG4 (until 17:30) (Sala Elena (SE))
16:00 Laser-wakefield accelerators for high-resolution X-ray imaging of complex microstructures - Amina Hussein (University of California, Irvine)   (Sala Elena (SE))
16:20 Investigating extreme conditions using laser-wakefield accelerator sources - Brendan Kettle (Imperial College London)   (Sala Elena (SE))
16:40 A positron source for applications using the TARANIS laser - Thomas Audet (The Queen's University of Belfast)   (Sala Elena (SE))
17:00 Summary Preparation   (Sala Elena (SE))
WG5 - Diagnostics (until 17:30) (SB1)
16:00 Development and characterisation of non-invasive diagnostics for plasma acceleration - Simon Bohlen (DESY)   (SB1)
16:20 Development of a Beam Profile Monitor based on Silicon Strip Sensors for Low-Charge Electron Beams at ARES - Sonja Jaster-Merz (DESY)   (SB1)
16:40 Coherent radiation studies for beam diagnostics and high-intensity THz sources at CLEAR - Alessandro Curcio (CERN)   (SB1)
17:00 X-band TDS simulations and commissioning - Pau Gonzalez (DESY)   (SB1)
WG7 (until 17:30) (SB2)
16:00 Online Diagnostics and Stabilisation of the ANGUS 200 TW Laser - Andreas Maier (Univ. Hamburg / CFEL)   (SB2)
16:20 Heat-induced deformation of compressor gratings and resulting spatio-temporal couplings - Timo Eichner (University of Hamburg/Center for Free-Electron Laser Science)   (SB2)
16:40 Measurement of Compressor Distortions on a TW Class Laser System. - Christopher Thornton (STFC)   (SB2)
WG8 (until 16:30) (SML)
16:00 Advanced Crystal Assisted Techniques for EuPRAXIA - Sultan Dabagov (LNF)   (SML)
WG1-WG6-WG8 Joint Session - Towards high energies and high qualities (until 17:30) (SML)
16:30 Elimination of Hosing Instability Via Ion Motion in Plasma Wake Field Accelerator - Weiming An (Beijing Normal University)   (SML)
16:50 Ion motion and hosing suppression in plasma-based accelerators - Carlo Benedetti (LBNL)   (SML)
17:10 Scalable laser-plasma acceleration using Traveling-Wave Electron Acceleration - Alexander Debus (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (SML)
17:30 --- Coffee Break ---
WG1 - Hybrid staging and future PWFA experiments (until 19:30) (SML)
18:00 Demonstration of a millimeter-scale electron-beam driven plasma wakefield accelerator based on hybrid staging - Thomas Heinemann (Univ. Strathclyde / DESY)   (SML)
18:20 Generation of a spectrally two-component electron beam in a laser-wakefield accelerator - Jonas Björklund Svensson (Lund University, Department of Physics)   (SML)
18:40 Physics plans for AWAKE Run 2 - Patric Muggli (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik)   (SML)
19:00 E-310 Trojan Horse-II at FACET-II and the STFC PWFA-FEL programme - Bernhard Hidding (Scottish Universities Physics Alliance, Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde; Cockcroft Institute, Sci-Tech Daresbury)   (SML)
WG2 (until 19:30) (SBIO)
18:00 Plasma Gratings as a Novel Target for Ion Acceleration - Oliver Ettlinger (Imperial College London)   (SBIO)
18:20 Gas-foil target for laser-plasma ion acceleration - Dan Levy (Weizmann Institute of Science)   (SBIO)
18:40 A Gatling-Gun Target Delivery System for High-Intensity Laser Irradiation Experiments - Ishay Pomerantz (Tel-Aviv University)   (SBIO)
WG3 - High Gradient RF Technology (until 19:30) (SB2)
18:00 A possible RF Design on the 35 GHz accelerating structure for the Compact Light XLS project. - Bruno Spataro (LNF)   (SB2)
18:20 Initial Studies on a Compact High-Gradient Ka-Band Accelerating Structure for Medical and Industrial Applications. - Luigi Faillace (INFN MI / LNF)   (SB2)
18:40 High gradient ultra-high brightness C-band photoinjector - Michele Croia (INFN / LNF)   (SB2)
WG4-WG6 (until 18:20) (SE)
18:00 High Flux X-ray Emission from a Large Radius Electron Bunch that was Injected after Significant Pulse Compression in a Laser Wakefield Accelerator - Jonathan Wood (Imperial College London)   (SE)
WG5-Targets (until 19:30) (SB1)
18:00 Plasma Target Characterisation at FLASHForward - Jimmy Garland (Desy)   (SB1)
18:20 Measurement of the decay rate of laser-driven linear wakefields - Jakob Jonnerby (University of Oxford)   (SB1)
18:40 Few-Cycle Microscopy of Stimulated Raman Side Scattering in a Laser Wakefield Accelerator - Malte Kaluza (Institute of Optics and Quantum-Electronics, Friedrich Schiller University Jena)   (SB1)
WG6 (until 19:30) (SE)
18:20 Cerenkov-free RIP Maxwell solver: dispersionless along X - Alexander Pukhov (uni duesseldorf)   (SE)
18:40 Single-cycle THz signal accompanying laser wake in photo-ionized plasmas and plasma channels - Serge Kalmykov (Leidos Inc.)   (SE)
20:00 --- Social Dinner and Dance ---
Van der Meer Award (until 12:40) ()
12:10 New directions in positron plasma wakefield acceleration - Spencer Gessner (CERN)   ()
12:40 --- Lunch Time ---
16:00 WG 1 Summary - Arie Irman (Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf) Sébastien Corde (Ecole Polytechnique) Marlene Turner (CERN/TU Graz)   (SML)
16:20 WG 2 Summary - Livia Lancia (LULI Ecole Polytechnique & Dip.to Energetica Sapienza) Markus Roth (Technische Universität Darmstadt) Daniele Margarone (ELI-Beamlines, IoP-ASCR)   ()
16:40 WG 3 Summary - David Alesini (LNF) Reinhard Brinkmann (DESY)   ()
17:00 WG 4 Summary - Ceri Brenner (STFC Central Laser Facility) Gianluca Sarri (Queen's University Belfast)   ()
17:20 --- Coffee Break ---
17:50 WG 5 Summary - Richard D'Arcy (DESY) Nicolas Delerue (LAL, CNRS and Université Paris-Sud 11)   ()
18:10 WG 6 Summary - Jorge Vieira (Instituto Superior Tecnico) Francesco Massimo (LLR - CNRS)   (SML)
18:30 WG 7 Summary - Laura Corner (Cockcroft Institute, University of Liverpool) Knut Michel (TRUMPF Scientific Lasers GmbH + Co. KG)   ()
18:50 WG 8 Summary - Bruce Carlsten (Los Alamos National Laboratory) Daniel Schulte (CERN) Wei Lu (Tsinghua University of Beijing, China)   ()
19:10 Closing remarks   ()
20:00 --- Dinner ---