Nuclear Structure and Dynamics - NSD 2019

from Sunday, 12 May 2019 (17:00) to Friday, 17 May 2019 (23:10)
Venice, Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli

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12 May 2019
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17 May 2019
08:30 --- Registration ---
09:15 Welcome Address - Lorenzo Corradi (LNL) Giacomo De Angelis (LNL)   ()
Session I - Giacomo De Angelis (LNL) (until 11:00) ()
09:30 Coulomb Excitation of Pear-shaped Nuclei - Prof. Peter Butler (University of Liverpool)   ()
10:00 Recent studies of heavy ion transfer reactions using large solid angle magnetic spectrometers - Suzana Szilner (Ruder Boskovic Institute)   ()
10:30 Experimental studies of neutron-rich nuclei around N = 126 at KEK isotope separation system - Dr Yutaka Watanabe (KEK WNSC)   ()
11:00 --- Coffee break ---
Session II - Norbert Pietralla (TU Darmstadt) (until 13:00) ()
11:30 Describing low-energy nuclear reactions with wave-packet dynamics - Dr Alexis Diaz-Torres (University of Surrey)   ()
12:00 Nuclear spectroscopy with fast beams of rare isotopes - Alexandra Gade (Michigan State University)   ()
12:30 Performance and Recent Results with the the Advanced GAmma Tracking Array (AGATA) - Andres F. Gadea Raga (IFIC CSIC-University of Valencia)   ()
Session V - Peter Butler (University of Liverpool) (until 10:40) ()
09:00 Towards high-resolution in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy at the RIBF - Kathrin Wimmer (The University of Tokyo)   ()
09:30 Decoherence of collective motion in warm nuclei. - Prof. Stefan Frauendorf (University Notre Dame)   ()
10:00 Nuclear structure studies based on energy density functionals - Dr Tamara Niksic (Department of physics, Faculty of science, University of Zagreb)   ()
10:20 Fission dynamics from saddle to scission and beyond - Prof. Aurel Bulgac (Uninversity of Washington)   ()
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Session VI - Alberto Stefanini (LNL) (until 12:40) ()
11:10 Fusion hindrance in light- and heavy-systems - Prof. Giovanna Montagnoli (PD)   ()
11:40 Fusion in massive stars: Pushing the 12C+12C cross-section to the limits with the STELLA experiment at IPN Orsay - David Jenkins Jenkins (University of York)   ()
12:00 Finite-temperature nuclear response in the relativistic framework - Prof. Elena Litvinova (Western Michigan University and National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University)   ()
12:20 Enhanced monopole and dipole transitions in medium-heavy nuclei induced by alpha custer structures - Makoto Ito (Department of Pure and Applied Physics, Kansai University)   ()
Session XIII - Hans Geissel (GSI) (until 10:40) ()
09:00 Nuclear structure studies via precision mass measurements - Anu Kankainen (University of Jyväskylä)   ()
09:30 Neutrinoless double-beta decay and realistic shell model - Nunzio Itaco (NA)   ()
10:00 Reaction spectroscopy of Borromean nuclei at the drip-lines shed light on the nuclear force and shell evolution - Prof. Rituparna Kanungo (Saint Mary's University, TRIUMF)   ()
10:20 Isospin Symmetry of the A=46 T=1 triplet studied with AGATA - Michael Bentley (University of York)   ()
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Session XIV -Dr Enrico Vigezzi (INFN Milano) (until 13:00) ()
11:10 Nuclear physics in stellar lifestyles with the Trojan Horse Method - Aurora Tumino (LNS)   ()
11:40 Optical Potentials Derived from Nucleon-Nucleon Chiral Potentials at N4LO: Comparison between Phenomenological and Microscopic Optical Potentials - Dr Paolo Finelli (University of Bologna)   ()
12:00 Intertwined quantum phase transitions in the Zr isotopes - Prof. Amiram Leviatan (The Hebrew University)   ()
12:20 Gamma spectroscopy of neutron-rich isotopes in the A = 100 region produced in fission induced by cold neutrons with new FIPPS array - Dr Lukasz Iskra (INFN sezione di Milano)   ()
12:40 Chiral three-body force and monopole properties of shell-model Hamiltonian - Tokuro Fukui (INFN-Napoli)   ()
Session XV -Prof. Krzysztof Rusek (Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland) (until 10:40) ()
09:00 Recent results on heavy-ion induced reactions of interest for neutrinoless double beta decay at INFN-LNS - Manuela Cavallaro (INFN -LNS)   ()
09:30 Single- and double-charge exchange excitations of spin-isospin mode - Prof. hiroyuki sagawa (RIKEN)   ()
09:50 Theory of Heavy Ion Single and Doublöe Charge Exchange Reactions as Probes for Nuclear Beta Decay - Prof. Horst Lenske (JLU Giessen)   ()
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Session XVI - Horst Lenske (Univ. Giessen) (until 12:40) ()
11:10 Systematic Search for Tetrahedral and Octahedral Symmetries In Subatomic Physics: Follow-up of the First-Discovery Case - Prof. Jerzy Dudek (IPHC/CNRS Strasbourg, France and UMCS, Lublin, Poland)   ()
11:40 A 21st Century View of Nuclear Structure - Jerry Draayer (   ()
12:00 Pairing rotation and pairing energy density functional - Nobuo Hinohara (Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba)   ()
12:20 Skyrme functional with tensor terms from ab initio calculations in neutron-proton drops - Shihang Shen (Università degli Studi di Milano, INFN Sezione di Milano)   ()
Session XXIII - Claes Fahlander (Department of Physics, Lund University) (until 10:40) ()
09:00 Revealing microscopic origins of shape coexistence in the Ni isotopic chain - Silvia Leoni (MI)   ()
09:30 Nuclear structure physics with radioactive-ion beams at HIE-ISOLDE - L. P. Gaffney (ISOLDE, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)   ()
10:00 First high-precision measurement of the low-lying isovector M1 strength in Li-6 at the photon point - Norbert Pietralla (TU Darmstadt)   ()
10:20 Quest of octupole deformation in very light Te isotopes - Dr Dmitry Testov   ()
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
Session XXIV - Lorenzo Corradi (LNL) (until 13:00) ()
11:10 Superallowed alpha decay to doubly magic $^{100}$Sn - Dr Dariusz Seweryniak (Argonne National Laboratory)   ()
11:40 Challenging nuclear structure of the heaviest – opportunities at S$^3$ - Dieter Ackermann (GANIL)   ()
12:20 Investigation of excited states in very heavy elements - Dr barbara sulignano (barbara)   ()
12:40 High-momentum nucleons, Tensor blocking, and nuclear Shell Structure - Isao Tanihata (RCNP, Osaka Univ. and School of Physics, Beihang Univ)   ()
17:00 --- Registration ---
18:30 --- Welcome Reception ---
13:15 --- Lunch ---
Session III - Wilton Catford (University of Surrey) (until 16:30) ()
15:00 An Analysis of the 18g,m F (d,p)19F Reactions in the Rotational Model* - Augusto Macchiavelli (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
15:30 Halo and unbound light nuclei from ab initio theory - Dr Petr Navratil (TRIUMF)   ()
15:50 Analysis of excited states in 13C and their cluster structure - Dr Ivano Lombardo (INFN - Sezione di Catania)   ()
16:10 Neutron Interaction With 7Be at the SARAF: Evidence for Cluster Shell Model p-h States in 8Be and Implication for Big Bang Nucleosynthesis. - Moshe Gai (University of Connecticut)   ()
16:30 --- Coffee break ---
Session IV - Fabiana Gramegna (LNL) (until 18:30) ()
17:00 Equilibration dynamics in nuclear reactions - Prof. Sait Umar (Vanderbilt University)   ()
17:30 Phase transition dynamics in hot nuclei and N/Z influence - Dr Bernard BORDERIE (Institut de Physique Nucléaire IN2P3/CNRS)   ()
17:50 Isospin influence on the Intermediate Mass Fragments production at low energy - Dr Sara Pirrone (INFN -Sezione di Catania)   ()
18:10 Comparative study of four reactions at onset of pre-equilibrium emission - Magda Cicerchia (LNL)   ()
13:15 --- Lunch ---
Session IX (Parallel Session) - Dieter Ackermann (GANIL) (until 16:00) (SALA GOLDONI)
14:30 Time-Dependent Hartree-Fock Theory for Multinucleon Transfer Reactions - Dr Kazuyuki Sekizawa (Niigata University)   (SALA GOLDONI)
15:00 From neutron-nucleus interactions to (d,p) cross sections - Gregory Potel Aguilar (Michigan State University)   (SALA GOLDONI)
15:20 Multinucleon transfer reactions and proton transfer channels - Tea Mijatovic (Ruder Boskovic Institute)   (SALA GOLDONI)
15:40 Role of charge equilibration in multinucleon transfer in damped collisions of heavy ions - Vyacheslav Saiko (Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, JINR)   (SALA GOLDONI)
Session VII (Parallel Session) -Dr Javier Valiente-Dobon (until 16:00) (AULA MAGNA)
14:30 Building a coherent physics picture around N=50 towards 78Ni - Andrea Gottardo (LNL)   (AULA MAGNA)
15:00 In Flight and $\beta$-delayed $\gamma$-spectroscopy in the vicinity of $^{78}$Ni with AGATA at GANIL and BEDO at ALTO. - Dr Clément Delafosse (University of Jyväskylä)   (AULA MAGNA)
15:20 Recent applications of the subtracted second random-phase approximation - Danilo Gambacurta (ELI-NP)   (AULA MAGNA)
15:40 Structural investigation of neutron deficient Pt isotopes: the case of 178Pt - Christoph Fransen (Institut für Kernphysik, Universität zu Köln)   (AULA MAGNA)
Session XI (Parallel Session) - Michael Bentley (University of York) (until 16:00) (SALA VIVALDI)
14:40 $\beta$ decay of neutron-rich $^{135}$In, $^{134}$In and $^{133}$In nuclei: $\gamma$ emission from neutron-unbound states in $^{134}$Sn and $^{133}$Sn - Monika Piersa (Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, PL 02-093 Warsaw, Poland)   (SALA VIVALDI)
15:00 Decay spectroscopy of isotopes above the fermium (Z > 100) at SHIP - Dr Stanislav Antalic (Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia)   (SALA VIVALDI)
15:20 Gamma and fast-timing spectroscopy of 132Sn from the beta-decay of In isotopes - Mr Jaime Benito (Grupo de Física Nuclear, Universidad Complutense de Madrid)   (SALA VIVALDI)
15:40 Chirality and oblate rotation in nuclei: new achievements and perspectives - Prof. Costel Petrache (CSNSM, University Paris Sud and CNRS/IN2P3)   (SALA VIVALDI)
16:00 --- Coffee break ---
Session VIII (Parallel Session) - Dariusz Seweryniak, (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) (until 17:40) (AULA MAGNA)
16:30 Shell evolution and shape coexistence in the 78Ni region - Dr Eda Sahin (University of Oslo, Norway)   (AULA MAGNA)
17:00 Transition probabilities in $^{54}$Ti: Evolution of the shell structure of neutron-rich titanium isotopes - Alina Goldkuhle (Institute for Nuclear Physics, University of Cologne)   (AULA MAGNA)
17:20 Collectivity in the vicinity of $^{78}$Ni: Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich Zn at HIE-ISOLDE - Andres Illana Sison (INFN-LNL)   (AULA MAGNA)
Session X (Parallel Session) -Prof. Huanqiao Zhang (until 17:40) (SALA GOLDONI)
16:30 Short-range (pairing) versus long-range (collective) correlations in multi-particle transfer reactions. - Dr Jesus Lubian (Federal Fluminense University)   (SALA GOLDONI)
17:20 The effect of the positive Q-value neutron transfers on near-barrier heavy-ion fusion - Dr Huiming Jia (China Institute of Atomic Energy)   (SALA GOLDONI)
Session XII (Parallel Session) - Enrico Fioretto (LNL) (until 17:40) (SALA VIVALDI)
16:30 Recent results from collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy (CRIS) at ISOLDE-CERN - Dr Ronald Garcia Ruiz (CERN)   (SALA VIVALDI)
17:00 Fundamental properties of nuclear ground and isomeric states in neutron-deficient indium from laser spectroscopy - Christopher Ricketts (The University of Manchester)   (SALA VIVALDI)
17:20 Masses and Beta-Decay Spectroscopy of Neutron-Rich Nuclei: Isomers and Sub-shell Gaps with Large Deformation - Dr Filip Kondev (Argonne National Laboratory)   (SALA VIVALDI)
19:30 --- Concert ---
13:00 --- Lunch ---
14:30 --- Conference Tour ---
13:15 --- Lunch ---
Session XIX (Parallel Session) - Marco Mazzocco (PD) (until 16:10) (SALA GOLDONI)
15:00 Heavy ion fusion reactions in stars - Xiaodong Tang (Institute of Modern Physics, CAS)   (SALA GOLDONI)
15:30 A possible nuclear solution to the 18F deficiency in novae - MARCO SALVATORE La Cognata (LNS)   (SALA GOLDONI)
15:50 Forbidden transitions in nuclear weak processes relevant to neutrino detection, nucleosynthesis and evolution of stars - Prof. Toshio Suzuki (Nihon University)   (SALA GOLDONI)
Session XVII (Parallel Session) -Dr Daniele Mengoni (until 16:30) (AULA MAGNA)
15:00 Coexistence and evolution of shapes: mean-field-based interacting boson model - Dr Kosuke Nomura (JAEA)   (AULA MAGNA)
15:30 Shape coexistence in 94Zr studied via Coulomb Excitation - Mrs Naomi Marchini (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)   (AULA MAGNA)
15:50 Shape evolution in exotic neutron-rich nuclei around mass 100 - Saba Ansari (CEA Saclay)   (AULA MAGNA)
16:10 Shape transitions between and within Zr isotopes - Volker Werner (TU Darmstadt)   (AULA MAGNA)
Session XXI (Parallel Session) - Matko Milin (Physics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia) (until 16:30) (SALA VIVALDI)
15:10 Fusion Hindrance and Pauli Blocking in 58Ni +64Ni - Alberto Stefanini (LNL)   (SALA VIVALDI)
15:30 Fusion probability of massive nuclei in reactions leading to heavy composite nuclear systems - Dr Roman Sagaidak (Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)   (SALA VIVALDI)
15:50 Reactions with Exotic Nuclei at Near- and Sub-barrier Energies - Prof. Chengjian Lin (China Institute of Atomic Energy)   (SALA VIVALDI)
16:10 Study of fusion mechanisms induced by weakly bound nuclei - Dr Gaolong Zhang (Beihang University)   (SALA VIVALDI)
16:30 --- Coffee break ---
Session XVIII (Parallel Session) - Filip Kondev (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) (until 17:40) (AULA MAGNA)
17:00 Neutron Skin Effects in Mirror Energy Differences: The Case of 23Mg-23Na - Francesco Recchia (University and INFN Padova)   (AULA MAGNA)
17:20 Discovery of collective states in the heavy $^{208}$Pb nucleus by complete spectroscopy - Dr Andreas Heusler (Gustav-Kirchhoff-Str. 7/1 69120 Heidelberg, Germany)   (AULA MAGNA)
Session XX (Parallel Session) - Tommaso Marchi (INFN - LNL) (until 18:10) (SALA GOLDONI)
17:00 PROTON-NEUTRON PAIRING AND ALPHA-LIKE QUARTET CORRELATIONS IN NUCLEI - Dr Nicolae Sandulescu (National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Bucharest, Romania)   (SALA GOLDONI)
17:30 Quartet structure of self-conjugate nuclei - Michelangelo Sambataro (INFN - Sezione di Catania)   (SALA GOLDONI)
17:50 Inverse thick target method in order to investigate alpha-clustering in 212Po - Maria Grazia Pellegriti (CT)   (SALA GOLDONI)
Session XXII (Parallel Session) - Kathrin Wimmer (The University of Tokyo) (until 18:30) (SALA VIVALDI)
17:00 How do we infer shell effects at high excitation energies? - Prof. Nico Orce (University of the Westsern Cape)   (SALA VIVALDI)
17:30 Structure of neutron-rich Ge and Se isotopes - Dr Anne Marie Forney (University of Maryl and College Park)   (SALA VIVALDI)
17:50 Spectroscopy of low-lying excited states of 50Ar - Martha Liliana Cortés (INFN-LNL)   (SALA VIVALDI)
18:10 Interplay between quadrupole and pairing correlations close to $^{100}$Sn from lifetime measurements - Dr Marco Siciliano (Irfu/CEA, Université de Paris-Saclay, France)   (SALA VIVALDI)
20:00 --- Conference Dinner ---
13:15 --- Lunch ---
Session XXV - Giacomo De Angelis (LNL) (until 16:00) ()
15:00 Shape Coexistence in the Neutron-Deficient 188Hg Isotope - Irene Zanon (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)   ()
15:10 Interesting states in A=10 mass region, populated in 10B + 10B nuclear reactions - Deša Jelavić Malenica   ()
15:20 Study of the neutron-rich region in the vicinity of 208Pb via multinucleon transfer reactions - Petra Colovic (Ruder Boskovic Institute)   ()
15:30 Summary Talk and Closure - Dario Vretenar (University of Zagreb)   ()