Hands-on Workshop on Operation, Test and Repairs of Ge Detectors 2018

IKP, University of Cologne, Germany

IKP, University of Cologne, Germany

Daniel R. Napoli (LNL), Juergen Eberth (University of Cologne)
  The Nuclear Spectroscopy Instrumentation Network (NuSpIn), promotes the mutual coordination between the research groups involved in high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy.  Some of the NuSpIn objetives are the transfer of knowledge with training courses or exchange of key personnel, the collaboration for the maintenance of detectors by enhancing detector labs synergies and the development of new technologies.
  In the framework of the training activities (Task 4), the NuSpIn Scientific Committee has proposed to organize this first Hands-on Workshop on Operation, Test and Repairs of Ge Detectors.  This workshop is addressed specially to physicists, technologists and technicians involved in maintenance and repairing of any type of Ge detectors.  The aim of the workshop is to transfer the knowledge available in the community summarizing problems and solutions for the different types of detectors running today in Europe, i.e. from single tapered crystals to AGATA capsules.  Final goal of this workshop would be the consolidation of the community of experts as a first step for the creation of a Distributed HPGe Detectors European Laboratory.
  • Alfio Pappalardo
  • Ana Ester Cabal Rodriguez
  • Andreas Hartmann
  • Andrew Mcfarlane
  • Anton Såmark-Roth
  • Begoña Quintana
  • Carl Unsworth
  • Charly NICOLLE
  • Christian Lorenz
  • Christopher Everett
  • Dan Judson
  • Daniel Cox
  • Daniel Ricardo Napoli
  • Daniela Reygadas Tello
  • Dejan Joković
  • Hilde De Witte
  • Janet Groves
  • Jari Partanen
  • Jari Partanen
  • Jari Tiainen
  • Juergen Eberth
  • Kieran Green
  • Laurent MENAGER
  • Liam McNicholl
  • Magda Zielinska
  • Marcel Schilling
  • Marie-helene SIGWARD
  • Matthias Laubenstein
  • Michalina Komorowska
  • Michel Filliger
  • Nikola Jovancevic
  • Pete Jones
  • Rhiann Canavan
  • Roberto Cerroni
  • Saba Ansari
  • Stefan Stefanov
  • Thomas Braunroth
  • Tomasz Abraham
  • Toralf Döring
  • Walter Raniero
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