Meeting of MC working group



Meeting of MC working group (03 Apr 2018)

Restricted developers meeting.

Attendance: Y. Dong (IHEP), F. Gargano (INFN Bari), P. Hu (IHEP), X. Liu (IHEP), N. Mori (INFN Florence), Z. Quan (IHEP), J. Wang (IHEP & Geneva), M. Xu (IHEP)

Details about a new implementation of the HERD MC geometry have been discussed. The new implementation should allow for easily changing some parameters (e.g. the number of tracking layers) for performance studies. The identified parameters are:

PSD: distance between PSD and CALO (default: 45 cm, ADJUSTABLE)
     number of PSD layers (default: 1, ADJUSTABLE up to 2)
     PSD elements (1x1 cm^2 tiles, FIXED)
STK: n. of layers (ADJUSTABLE)
     distance between layers (ADJUSTABLE)
     kind of absorber (default: W, ADJUSTABLE to W or LYSO)
     thickness of absorber in X0 (ADJUSTABLE, set to 0 to remove the absorber)
CALO: size of cubes (3 cm, FIXED)
      cubes or single LYSO block (default: cubes, ADJUSTABLE)

TRD and FTK will be added in a subsequent development iteration, as well as a coarse implementation of the CSS mass model.
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