1. General Seminars

Dark Matter, Double Supernova Neutrino Explosion, Degenerate Vacua, Pre-determination ? Why Standard Model Group ?

by Holger Bech Nielsen (Niels Bohr Institute)

Aula Bruno Touschek (LNF INFN)

Aula Bruno Touschek


We propose a model for dark matter, which in principle ONLY use the Standard Model, although it only works under use of speculated NONPERURBATIVE effects. In this model the dark matter consists of insect sized pearls or better bubbles made from a different phase of vacuum (``condensate vacuum'') consisting of a fluid of top and anti top quarks - likely in the form of bound states of 6 top + 6 anti top quarks - pumped up by usual atoms under very high pressure to compensate the very strong surface tension of the bubbles. We take as fitted values of the size of the bubbles a diameter of 1 cm and a mass of $10^8$ kg, and correspondingly the distance between the individual bubbles is between our distance to the moon and to the sun. Impacts - one about every century - would fit with causing the special type of volcanoes called kimberlite pipes, of which there are about 6500 known on the earth. In the supernova SN1987A in the Large Margellanic Cloud there were observed a controversial neutrino signal in Mont Blanc by LSD about 5 hours before the main neutrino burst observed later; this is speculated to be due to our pearls.