AM08 workshop

250 (INFN - Pisa)


INFN - Pisa

Edificio C, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3, 56127 Pisa PI
Alberto Stabile (MI), Calliope-Louisa Sotiropoulou (PI), Kubota Takashi (Melbourne University)
In this workshop we will analyze the previous AM issues, the solutions that could solve these problems, and we write a datasheet of the new AM08. Vidyo room: Minutes
  • Alberto Annovi
  • Alberto Stabile
  • Atanu Modak
  • Bruno Checcucci
  • Calliope-Louisa Sotiropoulou
  • Christos Gentsos
  • Christos Gentsos
  • Fabrizio Palla
  • Francesco Crescioli
  • Francesco De Canio
  • Giacomo Fedi
  • Gian Mario Bilei
  • Gianluca Traversi
  • Guido Buonincontri
  • Kubota Takashi
  • Livio Fano'
  • Loriano Storchi
  • Luca Frontini
  • Pierluigi Luciano
  • Saverio Citraro
  • Sebastien Viret
  • Seyedruhollah Shojaii
  • Stefano Capra
  • Valentino Liberali
    • 14:00 19:05
      Open issues and future solutions
      Convener: Alberto Stabile (MI)
      • 14:00
        Open issues on LVDS blocks 10m
        Speaker: Gianluca Traversi (PV)
      • 14:10
        Discussion on I/O interface blocks (LVDS + SERDES) 25m
      • 14:35
        Open issues on full custom blocks 20m
        Speaker: Luca Frontini (MI)
      • 14:55
        Discussion on Full custom blocks 25m
      • 15:20
        Coffee break 15m
      • 15:35
        Open issues on the logic and digital simulations 15m
        Speaker: Dr Kubota Takashi (Melbourne University)
      • 15:50
        Discussion on the logic and digital simulations 25m
      • 16:15
        Open issues on Power Distribution Network (PDN) on chip and on substrate 20m
        Speaker: Valentino Liberali (MI)
      • 16:35
        Discussion on Power Distribution Network (PDN) 25m
      • 17:00
        Open issues on AM chip integration 20m
        Speaker: Alberto Stabile (MI)
      • 17:20
        Final round table 1h
    • 09:00 13:00
      Constraints and requirements for future AM chips

      In this session we would like to understand what is the constraints of the future chips

      Conveners: Alberto Annovi (PI), Dr Calliope-Louisa Sotiropoulou (PI), Fabrizio Palla (PI)
      • 09:00
        CMS requirements 20m
        Speaker: Fabrizio Palla (PI)
      • 09:20
        ATLAS requirements 20m
        Speakers: Alberto Annovi (PI), Valentino Liberali (MI)
      • 09:40
        Image Analysis requirements 20m
        Speakers: Dr Calliope-Louisa Sotiropoulou (PI), Pierluigi Luciano (PI)
      • 10:00
        Finger print for Magnetic Resonance requirements 20m
        Speaker: Guido Buonincontri (P)
      • 10:20
        DNA sequencing requirements 20m
        Speakers: Dr Francesco Crescioli (LPNHE), Francesco Crescioli (INFN)
      • 10:40
        Coffee break 5m
      • 10:45
        Round table 2h 15m
    • 13:00 14:00
      Lunch 1h
    • 14:00 18:40
      Proposals and ideas for AM08

      After the discussion on the morning and the previous day, every person propose some idea or feature that would like to implement in the next chip

      Convener: Alberto Stabile (MI)
      • 14:00
        PLL for on-chip gigahertz clock 20m
        Speakers: Stefano Capra (MI), Valentino Liberali (MI)
      • 14:20
        Digital PLL 20m
        Speakers: Dr Francesco Crescioli (LPNHE), Maroua GARCI (LPNHE)
      • 14:40
        Pop-count and readout tree 20m
        Speakers: Dr Alberto Stabile (INFN - Milano), Luca Frontini (MI)
      • 15:00
        Ideas and proposals from Bergamo 15m
        Speaker: Gianluca Traversi (PV)
      • 15:15
        Coffee 10m
      • 15:25
        Ideas and proposals from Melbourne 20m
        Speaker: Dr Kubota Takashi (Melbourne University)
      • 15:45
        Ideas and proposals from Pisa 20m
        Speakers: Alberto Annovi (PI), Dr Calliope-Louisa Sotiropoulou (PI), Fabrizio Palla (PI)
      • 16:05
        Packaging Strategy 20m
        Speaker: Alberto Annovi (PI)
      • 16:25
        Ideas and proposals from LPNHE 20m
        Speakers: Francesco Crescioli (INFN), Dr Francesco Crescioli (LPNHE)
      • 16:45
        Open discussion 50m
      • 17:35
        Gantt diagram for AM08 (milestones and human resources) 20m
    • 19:05 22:20
      Social Dinner @ Bandierine restaurant 3h 15m,10.4016283,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x12d591a28d6846ed:0xf2b99ce32919b768!8m2!3d43.7175645!4d10.403817?hl=en

    • 09:00 13:00
      "The AM2020 white book" (datasheet and more...)