The 3rd ELIMED Workshop MEDical and multidisciplinary applications of laser-driven ion beams at ELI-Beamlines

from Wednesday, 7 September 2016 (08:00) to Saturday, 10 September 2016 (18:30)
Laboratori Nazionali del Sud of INFN (Conference Hall)

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7 Sep 2016
8 Sep 2016
9 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016
Registration (until 09:00) (Conference Hall - Registration desk)
Opening and Introduction (until 10:05) (Conference Hall)
09:00 Info and communications   (Conference Hall)
09:15 Opening - Dr George Korn (ELI-Beamlines) Giacomo Cuttone (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
09:35 ELIMAIA/ELIMED - Giuseppe Cirrone (LNS) Dr Daniele Margarone (ELI-Beamlines)   (Conference Hall)
Non-conventional Ion Acceleration Techniques -Dr Georg Korn (x) (until 10:45) (Conference Hall)
10:05 Towards viable Laser-driven ION (LION) sources for applications – LION at the Center for Advanced Laser Applications (CALA) - Dr Daniel Haffa (LMU Munich) Prof. Jörg Schreiber (LMU Munich)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 --- Coffee Break ---
Poster Session (until 11:05) (Conference Hall)
10:45 Faraday Cup: absolute dosimetry for ELIMED beam line - Renata Leanza (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 First results by nanosecond laser irradiation of different NANOSTRUCTURED targets - Annamaria Muoio (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 Innovative dosimetry systems for high dose-rate per pulse laser-driven ion beams in the ELIMED beam line - Mr ANTONIO GIUSEPPE AMICO (Università degli studi di Catania)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 Intra-operative radiation therapy with laser-accelerated carbon ions - Ms Paula Mur (Institute for Instrumentation in Molecular Imaging (I3M))   (Conference Hall)
10:45 Investigation of the effect of titanium dental implants on proton therapy delivered for head tumors: experimental validation using an anthropomorphic head phantom - Cristina Oancea (FF-UB, IFIN-HH, JINR)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 Isochoric heating of solid gold targets with the PW-laser-driven ion beams - Dr Sven Steinke (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 Optics study and characterization of the ELIMED permanent magnet quadrupole system prototypes - Antonio Russo (INFN-LNS)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 Overview on the target fabrication facilities at ELI-NP and the ongoing strategies. - Ms Constanta Cristina Gheorghiu (ELI-NP)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 Real Time Transverse Profile Characterization of a Laser-Driven Accelerated Proton Beam - Dario Augusto Giove (MI)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 Study of gamma-ray emission by proton beam interaction with injected Boron atoms for future medical imaging applications - Dr Giada Petringa (LNS-INFN)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 TOF technique for laser-driven proton beam diagnostics for the ELIMED beamline - Giuliana Giuseppina Milluzzo (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
Non-conventional Ion Acceleration Techniques -Dr Georg Korn (x) (until 12:55) (Conference Hall)
11:05 All-optical hadrontherapy - Dr Stepan Bulanov (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (Conference Hall)
11:45 Proton beam optimization by innovative target schemes - Dr S. Kar (QUB)   (Conference Hall)
12:10 Radiation Pressure Acceleration: Perspectives and Limits - Dr Andrea Macchi (CNR, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, u.o.s Adriano Gozzini, Pisa, Italy)   (Conference Hall)
12:35 High Intensity Laser Interaction Studies at BELLA - Dr Sven Steinke (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (Conference Hall)
Radiation Biology and Medical Applications -Dr Satyabrata Kar (Queen's University Belfast) (until 10:50) (Conference Hall)
09:00 Laser-plasma accelerators and femtosecond photon sources based ultrafast radiation chemistry and biomedicine - Prof. Yann Gauduel (LOA Ecole Polytechnique - ENSTA)   (Conference Hall)
09:40 Proton Beam for Radiation Therapy – Requirements, Dosimetry and Quality Control - Prof. Pawel Olko (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN)   (Conference Hall)
10:05 An Evaluation of the Various Aspects of the Progress in Clinical Applications of Laser Driven Ionizing Radiation - Dr K. Hideghety (ELI-ALPS)   (Conference Hall)
10:30 Prospective on medical radioisotopes production at ELI-NP - Dr Dana Niculae (IFIN-HH)   (Conference Hall)
10:50 --- Coffee Break ---
Poster Session (until 11:10) (Conference Hall)
Radiation Biology and Medical Applications -Dr Stephan Kraft (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf) (until 12:30) (Conference Hall)
11:10 The radiobiology of laser-driven particle beams: focus on sub-lethal responses of normal human cells - Lorenzo Manti (INFN Section of Naples)   (Conference Hall)
11:50 Laser-accelerated proton beam handling for cell irradiation studies - Mr Loann Pommarel (Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée, ENSTA ParisTech / CNRS / École polytechnique, Université Paris-Saclay)   (Conference Hall)
12:10 A radiobiology experiment on Breast cancer cell line using Laser Driven electron Accelerators - Dr Luigi Minafra (IBFM CNR)   (Conference Hall)
Targetry, Diagnostics and Dosimetry -Dr Daniele Margarone (ELI-Beamlines, IoP-ASCR) (until 11:30) (Conference Hall)
09:00 Advanced Diagnostics for laser-plasma accelerators - Dr Neely David (RAL)   (Conference Hall)
09:40 Beam delivery and dosimetry of laser-driven particle beams - Dr U. Masood (HZDR)   (Conference Hall)
10:20 Liquid crystals for high repetition rate targetry for laser driven ion acceleration - Prof. Douglass Schumacher Schumacher (Ohio State University)   (Conference Hall)
10:45 A target fabrication and characterization network for advanced laser light sources - Dr Irene Prencipe (Institute of Radiation Physics, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (Conference Hall)
11:10 Efficient production and diagnostics of MeV proton beams from - Dr Andriy Velyhan (ELI Beamlines, Institute of Physics, ASCR, Prague, Czech Republic)   (Conference Hall)
11:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Poster Session (until 11:50) (Conference Hall)
Targetry, Diagnostics and Dosimetry -Dr Irene Prencipe (Institute of Radiation Physics, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf) (until 12:50) (Conference Hall)
11:50 Spatial profile modulation of a proton beam generated by laser interacting with micro-structured targets - Dr Lorenzo Giuffrida (ELI beamlines)   (Conference Hall)
12:10 Hollow targets for efficient acceleration of ions by ultrashort laser pulses - Dr Jan Psikal (FNSPE, Czech Technical University in Prague)   (Conference Hall)
12:30 Ion acceleration in TNSA regime: bulk vs. surface contribution - Carmen Altana (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
08:00 --- Mount Etna Excurtion ---
12:55 --- Lunch ---
Poster Session (until 14:15) (Conference Hall)
New generation Ion Acceleration Beamlines -Dr Stepan Bulanov (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) (until 16:30) (Conference Hall)
14:15 Ion Transport Beamlines for Laser Plasma Accelerators - Dr Qing Ji (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (Conference Hall)
14:55 Review on new generation of conventional accelerators for medical applications - Giacomo Cuttone (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
15:35 Current trends in beamlines from a maker's prospective - Example of the Acculinna-2 RI separator - Dr W. Beeckman (SigmaPhi)   (Conference Hall)
16:05 The PTC in Prague and R&D perspectives - Dr V. Vondracek (PTC)   (Conference Hall)
16:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Poster Session (until 16:50) (Conference Hall)
New generation Ion Acceleration Beamlines - Giacomo Cuttone (LNS) (until 19:00) (Conference Hall)
16:50 A laser-based hadrontherapy facility: current status at HZDR - Dr S. Kraft (HZDR)   (Conference Hall)
17:15 Status of the new Line for Laser-driven Light Ions Acceleration (L3IA) at ILIL and related TNSA studies - Dr Luca Labate (Istituto Nazionale di Ottica - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)   (Conference Hall)
17:40 Design of the ELIMED in-vacuum transport beam-line - Francesco Schillaci (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
18:00 Radiation protection of a proton beamline at ELI Beamlines - Dr Sabrina Bechet (ELI-Beamlines)   (Conference Hall)
18:20 The application of plasma lenses with laser accelerated ion beams - Dr Piero Antonio Posocco (Imperial College London)   (Conference Hall)
18:40 Proton acceleration with a table-top TW laser - Dr Michael Seimetz (I3M)   (Conference Hall)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Poster Session (until 13:30) (Conference Hall)
Multidisciplinary Applications - Giuseppe Cirrone (LNS) (until 15:40) (Conference Hall)
13:30 Review on Multidisciplinary Applications of Laser Plasma Accelerators - Dr Georg Korn (x)   (Conference Hall)
14:10 Review on Laser-driven proton imaging - Dr D. Dedes (LMU)   (Conference Hall)
14:50 Imaging using Plasma Betatron Radiation - Dr Jason Cole (Imperial College London)   (Conference Hall)
15:15 On-line monitoring for particle beams - Valeria Rosso (PI)   (Conference Hall)
15:40 --- Coffee Break ---
Poster Session (until 16:00) (Conference Hall)
Multidisciplinary Applications -Dr Jason Cole (Imperial College London) (until 17:55) (Conference Hall)
16:00 The Nuclear Resonance Scattering Calibration Technique for the EuroGammaS Gamma Characterisation System at ELI-NP-GBS - Dr Maria Grazia Pellegriti (CT)   (Conference Hall)
16:25 Gamma ray beams for Nuclear Astrophysics: first results of tests and simulations of the ELISSA array - MARCO SALVATORE La Cognata (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
16:50 Solid Hydrogen target for laser driven proton acceleration - Prof. Jean-Paul PERIN (CEA/INAC/Service des Basses Temperatures)   (Conference Hall)
17:15 Cultural heritage with proton beams - Dr Francesco Paolo Romano (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
17:35 Diagnostics techniques and dosimetric evaluations for environmental radioactivity investigations - Dr Francesco Caridi (Environmental Protection Agency of Calabria, Italy (ARPACal), Department of Reggio Calabria)   (Conference Hall)
19:30 --- Social Dinner ---
12:50 --- Lunch ---
Poster Session (until 13:50) (Conference Hall)
Targetry, Diagnostics and Dosimetry -Dr Valentina Scuderi (LNS) (until 15:50) (Conference Hall)
14:30 Diagnostics for ELIMED - Dr Valentina Scuderi (LNS) Giuliana Giuseppina Milluzzo (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
14:50 Monte Carlo Application for the ELIMED Beam-line - Jan Pipek (LNS)   (Conference Hall)
15:10 A study of dosimetry and energy for low energy protons with ionization chambers, radiochromic films and silicon detector. - Maria Cristina Battaglia (Centro Nacional de Aceleradores)   (Conference Hall)
15:30 Laser and Beam Diagnostics Tools for the L3IA facility at Pisa - Dario Augusto Giove (MI)   (Conference Hall)
Round Table (until 16:50) (Conference Hall)
LNS Visit (until 18:30) (Conference Hall)