Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics VIII

from Sunday, 18 June 2017 (08:00) to Friday, 23 June 2017 (18:00)
Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (Sala conferenze)

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18 Jun 2017
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23 Jun 2017
Welcome address (until 09:10) (Sala conferenze)
Explosive nucleosynthesis observations (until 11:20) (Sala conferenze)
09:10 When Stars Attack! Live Radioisotopes Reveal Near-Earth Supernovae - Prof. Brian Fields (Departments of Astronomy and of Physics, University of Illinois)   (Sala conferenze)
09:40 60Fe and 244Pu in deep-sea archives - a link to nearby supernova activity and r–process sites - Prof. Anton Wallner (The Australian National University)   (Sala conferenze)
10:10 Recent Ultra High Energy neutrino bounds and multimessenger observations with the Pierre Auger Observatory - Prof. Enrique Zas (IGFAE - University of Santiago)   (Sala conferenze)
10:40 Limits on $^{60}$Fe/$^{26}$Al nucleosynthesis ratios from deep-sea sediment AMS measurements - Dr Jenny Feige (Berlin Institute of Technology)   (Sala conferenze)
11:20 --- Coffee break ---
r-process 1 (until 13:20) (Sala conferenze)
11:40 Explosive nucleosynthesis of heavy elements: an astrophysical and nuclear physics challenge - Prof. Gabriel Martínez Pinedo (Technische Universität Darmstadt)   (Sala conferenze)
12:10 Solving the mystery of r-process: mergers vs. supernovae - Prof. Taka Kajino (NAOJ, The University of Tokyo)   (Sala conferenze)
12:40 The neutrino process in supernova nucleosynthesis - Mr Andre Sieverding (Technische Universität Darmstadt)   (Sala conferenze)
13:00 Roles of nuclear weak rates on the evolution of degenerate cores in stars - Prof. Toshio Suzuki (Nihon University)   (Sala conferenze)
n-induced nucleosynthesis (until 10:50) (Sala conferenze)
08:30 The Interaction of Neutrons With 7Be: Lack of Standard Nuclear Physics Solution to the “Primordial 7Li Problem” - Prof. Moshe Gai (University of Connecticut)   (Sala conferenze)
09:00 Studies of (n,gamma) and (n,cp) reactions for Nuclear Astrophysics at the n_TOF neutron beam (CERN) - Nicola Colonna (BA)   (Sala conferenze)
09:30 Informing Neutron Capture Nucleosynthesis on Short-Lived Nuclei with (d,p) Reactions - Prof. Jolie Cizewski (Rutgers University)   (Sala conferenze)
09:50 Cosmological Lithium Problem: Measurement of the 7Be(n,α) and 7Be(n,p) cross sections at the n TOF facility at CERN - Dr Massimo Barbagallo (INFN sezione di Bari)   (Sala conferenze)
10:10 The thermal neutron capture of $^{171}$Tm - Dr Tanja Heftrich (Goethe University Frankfurt)   (Sala conferenze)
10:30 Measurements of the $^7$Be+$n$ Big-Bang nucleosynthesis reactions at CRIB by the Trojan Horse method - Dr Seiya Hayakawa (Center for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo)   (Sala conferenze)
10:50 --- Coffee break ---
RIBs in nuclear astrophysics 1 (until 13:30) (Sala conferenze)
11:20 Beta decay spectroscopy studies of novae and x-ray bursts - Chris Wrede (Michigan State University)   (Sala conferenze)
11:50 Measurement of key resonance states for the $^{30}$P(p,$\gamma$)$^{31}$S reaction rate - Dr Anu Kankainen (University of Jyväskylä)   (Sala conferenze)
12:10 Constraining the 19Ne(p,γ)20Na Reaction Rate Using Direct Measurements at DRAGON - Mr Ryan Wilkinson (University of Surrey)   (Sala conferenze)
12:30 Understanding the origin of ``nova'' grains and the $^{13}$N($\alpha$,p)$^{16}$O reaction - Dr Nicolas de Séréville (IPN Orsay)   (Sala conferenze)
12:50 Commissioning of the BRIKEN beta-delayed neutron detector for the study of exotic neutron-rich nuclei - Alvaro Tolosa Delgado (IFIC (Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular))   (Sala conferenze)
13:10 Isomer beam elastic scattering: 26mAl(p,p) for astrophysics - Dr Daid Kahl (University of Edinburgh)   (Sala conferenze)
Nuclear astrophysics with lasers (until 11:00) (Sala conferenze)
08:30 Nuclear physics and astrophysics ELI-NP: The emerging future - Prof. Dimiter Balabanski (ELI-NP/IFIN)   (Sala conferenze)
09:00 Investigating nuclear reactions at astrophysical energies with gamma-ray beams and an active-target TPC - Dr Chiara Mazzocchi (University of Warsaw)   (Sala conferenze)
09:30 Fusion plasmas and neutron production from the interaction of D2 and CD4 clusters with contrast upgraded Texas Petawatt laser - Dr Hernan J. Quevedo (University of Texas)   (Sala conferenze)
10:00 Measurements Of Stellar And Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis Reactions Using Inertially-Confined Plasmas - Dr Alex Zylstra (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Sala conferenze)
10:20 Nuclear Astrophysics at ELI-NP: the ELISSA prototype tested - Giovanni Luca Guardo (LNS)   (Sala conferenze)
10:40 Monte Carlo simulation of photonuclear reactions of astrophysical interest with intense gamma sources - Dr Dario Lattuada (LNS)   (Sala conferenze)
11:00 --- Coffee break ---
RIBs in nuclear astrophysics 2 (until 13:30) (Sala conferenze)
11:20 Studies of X-ray burst reactions with radioactive ion beams from RESOLUT - Jeffery Blackmon (Louisiana State University)   (Sala conferenze)
11:50 Improved experimental determination of the branching ratio for beta-delayed alpha decay of N-16 - Dr Oliver Kirsebom (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University)   (Sala conferenze)
12:10 Cousin of the Hoyle state: Observation of a narrow resonance above 13N+2p threshold - Dr François de Oliveira Santos (GANIL)   (Sala conferenze)
12:30 Key Resonances in $^35$Ar and their importance for determining the origin of presolar grains - Ms Ralitsa Ilieva (University of Surrey)   (Sala conferenze)
12:50 Observation of the 2+ rotational excitation of the Hoyle state - Ms Ruchi Garg (University of York)   (Sala conferenze)
13:10 Measurement of 21Na(α,p)24Mg cross section for the study of 44Ti production in supernovae. - Dr Alison Laird (University of York)   (Sala conferenze)
Stellar models (until 10:10) (Aula magna)
08:30 Hydrostatic and Explosive Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars - Dr MARCO LIMONGI (INAF-OAR)   (Aula magna)
09:00 s process in massive stars: theoretical predictions and nuclear and stellar uncertainties - Dr Raphael Hirschi (Keele University)   (Aula magna)
09:50 A unique mechanism to account for well known peculiarities of AGB star nucleosynthesis - Sara Palmerini (PG)   (Aula magna)
10:10 --- Coffee break ---
Special session: celebrating Claudio Spitaleri (until 13:00) (Aula magna)
10:30 The origins of the THM - Marcello Lattuada (LNS)   (Aula magna)
10:45 TBD - Silvio Cherubini (LNS)   (Aula magna)
11:00 And so it all began: Personal memories of the man behind the scientist - Prof. Marialuisa Aliotta (University of Edinburgh)   (Aula magna)
11:15 Theory of the Trojan-Horse Method - From the original idea to actual applications - Dr Stefan Typel (IKP, Technische Universität Darmstadt)   (Aula magna)
11:30 Clustering of light nuclei and electron screening in astrophysical environments (EPS Invited Speaker) - Prof. Carlos Bertulani (Texas A&M University-Commerce)   (Aula magna)
11:45 Coulomb dissociation - another Trojan Horse - Dr Tohru Motobayashi (RIKEN Nishina Center)   (Aula magna)
12:00 Subtilities in Stars: Indirect Evidence of Mixing Married to Indirect Nuclear Physics Methods - Maurizio Busso (PG)   (Aula magna)
12:15 "Other" indirect methods for Nuclear Astrophysics - Dr Livius Trache (IFIN-HH Bucharest)   (Aula magna)
12:45 Alpha-cluster structure populated in the resonance reactions induced by rare beams - Dr Vladilen Goldberg (Cyclotron Institute, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA)   (Aula magna)
Experimental techniques for nuclear astrophysics (until 10:20) (Aula magna)
08:30 Novel Nuclear Astrophysics Instruments - Dr Emanuel Pollacco (CEA - Saclay)   (Aula magna)
09:00 X-ray burst studies with the JENSA gas jet target - Dr Konrad Schmidt (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, East Lansing, MI, USA)   (Aula magna)
09:20 Constraining the stellar 124Xe(p,g) rate using the ESR storage ring at GSI - Dr Christoph Langer (University of Frankfurt a. M.)   (Aula magna)
09:40 A new method for the determination of very small $\Gamma_\gamma$ partial widths - Giuseppe Cardella (CT)   (Aula magna)
10:00 A new analysis technique to measure fusion excitation functions with large beam energy dispersions - Pierpaolo Figuera (LNS)   (Aula magna)
10:20 --- Coffee break ---
Direct measurements 3 (until 13:00) (Aula magna)
10:40 23Na(p,g)24Mg Cross Section Measurements - Axel Boeltzig (GSSI)   (Aula magna)
11:00 A new investigation of Hoyle state in 12C via the 14N(d,a2) reaction - Dr Daniele Dell'Aquila (Univ. Napoli Federico II and INFN - Napoli, Italy)   (Aula magna)
11:20 New direct measurement of the 10B(p,alpha)7Be reaction with the activation technique - Dr Rosanna Depalo (Università degli Studi di Padova and INFN Padova)   (Aula magna)
11:40 Study of nuclear physics input-parameters via high-resolution $\gamma$-ray spectroscopy - Mr Philipp Scholz (Institut für Kernphysik, Universität zu Köln, Cologne, Germany)   (Aula magna)
12:00 The RIB in-flight facility EXOTIC - Concetta Parascandolo (NA)   (Aula magna)
12:20 Study of the 2H(p,gamma)3He reaction in the Big Bang nucleosynthesis energy range at LUNA - Viviana Mossa (Università degli Studi di Bari and INFN, sezione di Bari)   (Aula magna)
12:40 $^3$He($\alpha$,$\gamma$)$^7$Be cross section at high energies - Dr Tamás Szücs (MTA Atomki)   (Aula magna)
18:00 --- Welcome cocktail ---
13:30 --- Lunch ---
r-process 2 (until 16:00) (Sala conferenze)
14:30 The r-process nucleosynthesis and related nuclear challenges - Stephane Goriely (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)   (Sala conferenze)
15:00 Three-body radiative capture reactions - Dr Jesús Casal (ECT*)   (Sala conferenze)
15:20 Effect of uncertainties in the statistical model description of n,$\gamma$ reactions to r-process nucleosynthesis - Georgios Perdikakis (Central Michigan University)   (Sala conferenze)
15:40 Constraining the rp-process by measuring $^{23}$Al(d,n)$^{24}$Si with GRETINA and LENDA at NSCL - Clemens Wolf (Goethe-University Frankfurt)   (Sala conferenze)
16:00 --- Coffee break ---
Direct measurements 1 (until 19:10) (Sala conferenze)
17:00 Catalysis of Nuclear Reactions by Electrons - Dr Matej Lipoglavsek (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)   (Sala conferenze)
17:30 Direct study of the $^{22}$Ne({\it p,$\gamma$})$^{23}$Na reaction in inverse kinematics at DRAGON - Dr Annika Lennarz (TRIUMF)   (Sala conferenze)
17:50 First results of total and partial cross-section measurements of the 107Ag(p, $\gamma$)108Cd reaction - Mr Felix Heim (Institute for Nuclear Physics, University of Cologne)   (Sala conferenze)
18:10 Direct cross section measurement for the O-18(p,gamma)F-19 reaction at LUNA - Francesca Romana Pantaleo (Universita' degli Studi di Bari, Dipartimento Interateneo di Fisica ''M. Merlin'', Bari, IT, INFN Bari,Bari, IT)   (Sala conferenze)
18:30 Absolute measurement of the 7Be(p,g)8B cross section with the recoil separator ERNA - Raffaele Buompane (NA)   (Sala conferenze)
18:50 Production and characterization of 7Be targets for neutron cross section measurements - Dr Emilio Andrea Maugeri (Paul Scherrer Institut)   (Sala conferenze)
Concert (until 22:00) ()
13:30 --- Lunch ---
Direct measurements 2 (until 16:50) (Sala conferenze)
14:30 Cross section measurements in the 12C+12C system - Prof. Sandrine Courtin (IPHC STrasbourg)   (Sala conferenze)
15:00 Background $(\alpha,n)$ reactions at low energies: $^{10,11}$B$(\alpha,n)^{13,14}$N - Dr Richard deBoer (University of Notre Dame)   (Sala conferenze)
15:30 An above-ground low-energy measurement of the dominant s-process neutron source: $^{13}$C($\alpha$,n)$^{16}$O - Dr Michael Febbraro (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (Sala conferenze)
15:50 Felsenkeller 5 MV underground accelerator - Dr Daniel Bemmerer (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)   (Aula magna)
16:10 Astrophysical Impact of Recent Measurements of the 23Na(α,p)26Mg Reaction - Mr Nicolas Hubbard (University of York and Aarhus University)   (Sala conferenze)
16:30 Nuclear astrophysics projects at the low-energy RI beam separator CRIB - Dr Hidetoshi Yamaguchi (Center for Nuclear Study, the University of Tokyo)   (Aula magna)
16:50 --- Coffee break ---
r-process 3 (until 19:10) (Sala conferenze)
17:10 Nuclear masses and the r-process astrophysical site - Prof. Rebecca Surman (University of Notre Dame)   (Sala conferenze)
17:40 Beta-delayed neutron emission probability measurements for r process studies at RIKEN RIBF - Gabor Kiss (RIKEN Nishina Center)   (Sala conferenze)
18:10 Neutron capture rates for the astrophysical r process - Artemis Spyrou (NSCL/MSU)   (Sala conferenze)
18:30 Equation of State and in-medium nuclear structure in heavy-ion collisions - Giuseppe Verde (CT)   (Sala conferenze)
18:50 Constraining The Symmetry Energy (Far) Above Saturation Density Using Elliptic Flow - Dr Dan Cozma (IFIN-HH)   (Sala conferenze)
Poster session (until 21:30) (Sala conferenze)
19:30 7Li(a,g)11B : An update - Ms Gwenaelle Gilardy (University of Notre Dame)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 A new measurement of the 6Li(p,gamma)7Be cross section at LUNA - Rosanna Depalo (P)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Alpha induced reaction cross section measurements on $^{197}$Au - Dr Tamás Szücs (MTA Atomki)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Asymptotic normalization coefficients of 12B and 12N and halo radii of their excited states - Prof. Tatyana Belyaeva (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Breakup of 8B on 58Ni at energies below the Coulomb barrier and the astrophysical S17(0) factor revisited - Prof. Tatyana Belyaeva (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico) Mr Juan Carlos Morales-Rivera (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Can the electron capture on 7Be provide a nuclear solution to the solar Li problem? - Diego Vescovi (PG)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Characterization of a Large Batch of X3 Silicon Detectors for the ELISSA Array at ELI-NP - Dr Svetlana Chesnevskaya (IFIN-HH (ELI-NP))   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Commissioning of EMMA - Mr Matthew Williams (University of York / TRIUMF)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Critical interaction and strong-absorption distances for the $^{7}$Li $+$ $^{58}$Ni system - Dr Tatyana Belyaeva (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Determining the $^{13}{\rm C}(\alpha,n)^{16}{\rm O}$ absolute cross section trough the concurrent application of ANC and THM and astrophysical consequences for the $s$-process in AGB-LMSs. - Oscar Trippella (PG)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Direct measurement of the 13C(α,n)16O reaction at LUNA - Giovanni Francesco Ciani (GSSI)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Explosive kilonovae and nucleosynthesis in exotic quark models - Prof. J.E. Horvath (IAG-USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 High-precision mass measurements for the rp-process at JYFLTRAP - Ms Laetitia Canete (University of Jyväskylä)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Introduction of the new LUNA experimental setup for high precision measurement of 13C(α,n)16O reaction for astrophysical purposes - Mr Laszlo Csedreki (INFN LNGS)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Measurements of the 10B(p,α0) 7Be cross section at astrophysical energies using the Trojan Horse Method - Mrs Aleksandra Cvetinović (INFN-LNS Catania)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Nanostructured surfaces for nuclear astrophysics studies by laser-matter interactions - Carmen Altana (LNS)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Neutron capture cross sections of Kr - Mr Stefan Fiebiger (Goethe University Frankfurt)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Search for Deeply Bound Kaonic Nuclear States in AMADEUS experiment - Ms Magdalena Skurzok (Jagiellonian University)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Study of alpha cluster states in light nuclei for nuclear physics and astrophysics - Mr Dosbol Nauruzbayev (National Laboratory Astana, Nazarbayev University, Astana, 010000,Kazakhstan) Dr Aliya Nurmukhanbetova (National Laboratory Astana, Nazarbayev University, Astana, 010000,Kazakhstan)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Sub-barrier fusion cross section measurements with STELLA - Prof. Sandrine Courtin (IPHC Strasbourg)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 The Measurement of Long Lived Alpha Decay for Cosmochronometry - Mr Heinrich Wilsenach (TU-Dresden, IKTP)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 The role of $^{13}$C excited states in $\alpha+^{9}$Be reaction and scattering cross sections - Dr Ivano Lombardo (Università di Napoli Federico II and INFN - Sez. Napoli)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 Treatment of isomers in nucleosynthesis codes - Prof. Rene Reifarth (Goethe University Frankfurt)   (Sala conferenze)
19:30 “Development and use of CR39 Nuclear Track Detectors for the Measurement of the Interaction of (High Flux) Neutron Beams with 7Be and the Primordial 7Li problem - Emily Kading (Graduate Student)   (Sala conferenze)
13:30 --- Lunch ---
Social excursion (until 19:30) ()
13:30 --- Lunch ---
Indirect methods 1 (until 16:30) (Aula magna)
14:30 THM measurements in nuclear astrophysics: recent results and future perspectives - Livio Lamia (LNS)   (Aula magna)
15:00 Reaction production + AMS: An alternative method to study (d,alpha)26Al and (p,gamma)26Al reactions at low energies - LUIS ARMANDO ACOSTA SANCHEZ (CT)   (Aula magna)
15:30 Cross section measurement of 14N(p,gamma)15O using the activation method - Dr György Gyürky (Institute for Nuclear Research (Atomki)   (Aula magna)
15:50 Measurement of β-delayed protons from decay of 31Cl covering the Gamow window of 30P(p,γ)31S at typical nova temperatures - Dr Antti Saastamoinen (Cyclotron Insitute, Texas A&M University)   (Aula magna)
16:30 --- Coffee break ---
Indirect methods 2 (until 18:50) (Aula magna)
16:50 Study of stellar nucleosynthesis using indirect techniques - Dr Faïrouz Hammache (IPN-Orsay)   (Aula magna)
17:20 Measurements of the 20Ne+4He resonant elastic scattering for characterization of the 24Mg states at relevant excitations for carbon - carbon burning process - Dr Neven Soic (Rudjer Boskovic Institute Zagreb Croatia)   (Aula magna)
17:50 Study of the 10B(p, alpha)7Be reaction at astrophysical energy using the Trojan Horse Method - Sebastiana Maria Puglia (LNS)   (Aula magna)
18:10 19Ne Sheds Light on Novae Detection - Mr Jos Riley (University of York)   (Aula magna)
18:30 The direct 18O(p; gamma)19F capture and the ANC method. - Dr Vaclav Burjan (Nuclear Physics Institute, CAS)   (Aula magna)
Visit of LNS (until 19:50) (Sala conferenze)
21:00 --- Banquet ---
Closing remarks (until 13:20) (Aula magna)
13:20 --- Lunch ---