Measuring Cosmic Acceleration with the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment

by Adam Hincks (University of British Columbia / Pontificia Università Gregoriana)

Aula Conversi (Dip. di Fisica - Edificio G. Marconi)

Aula Conversi

Dip. di Fisica - Edificio G. Marconi

The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) is a radio telescope designed to make large, 3D maps of cosmic structure by measuring the 21cm emission of neutral hydrogen. These observations will allow us to determine the apparent scale of the baryon acoustic oscillations between z = 0.8 and 2.5, which can be used to measure the expansion history of the universe during the period when acceleration became prominent. CHIME will thus provide important data for shedding light on the nature of dark energy. I will describe our scientific goals (including exciting ancilliary sc! ience), outline our technical challenges and describe the anticipated capabilities of CHIME.