25-30 September 2016
Europe/Rome timezone
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Some features of grazing interaction of 10 keV electrons with dielectric surfaces

Presented by Dr. Alexander KUBANKIN on 29 Sep 2016 from 18:40 to 19:40
Type: Poster


The analysis of experimental data obtained in the study of grazing interaction of fast electron beams with flat dielectric surfaces demonstrates a dependence of the surface charge distribution formation on the dielectric material. We found that the angular distribution of the electron beam does not depend strongly neither on the length of the surfaces nor on the beam current. In addition, the new experimental results concerning the grazing interaction of 10 keV electrons with metallized structured surfaces show a clear difference from similar experiments with flat surfaces. The work was supported by a program of the ministry of education and science of The Russian Federation for higher education establishments, project № 14.578.21.0063 (RFMEFI57814X0063).

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