25-30 September 2016
Europe/Rome timezone
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A proposal for Axion-Like Particle search with Free Electron Lasers

Presented by Federico NGUYEN on 29 Sep 2016 from 18:40 to 19:40
Type: Poster


The development of intense and coherent electromagnetic sources offers novel pathways in the search for new particles and exotic phenomena. A recently growing interest is dedicated to the low mass particle candidates of Dark Matter. We envisage the possibility of developing a multipurpose facility dedicated to the search of Axion-Like Particles, ALPs, based on the use of Free Electron Laser (FEL) Oscillators. The proposal is based on an extension of the Light-Shining-through-Wall principle and aims at integrating different techniques to enhance the production of so rare a signal. Taking also account the chance of a wavelength scan by means of Compton backscattering, we discuss some FEL oscillator configurations where radiation intensity and wavelength allow to probe ALPs parameters not yet excluded by presently operating experiments. In particular, with an electron beam energy of a few hundreds MeV, we can probe both the region hinted by an enhanced cooling mechanism in white dwarfs and -- after Compton backscattering -- the few keV ALP mass range, at the limit of the past direct search for solar axions.

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