25-30 September 2016
Europe/Rome timezone
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Channeling Of Low Energy Atomic Particles In Carbon Nanotubes With Heterojunctions

Presented by Dr. Gennadiy FILIPPOV on 29 Sep 2016 from 18:40 to 19:40
Type: Poster


Channeling of low energy atomic particles in carbon naotubes is interesting for low energy ion implantation, local ion plasma enhanced deposition, chemicaly-biological and medical atomic particles transport application [1]. Carbon nanotubes sre useful as ion beam management system parts. Temperature variating along the nanotube production process allow us to variate CNT diameter, which creates nanotube heterojunction [2]. Each heterojunction could be use as an apperture for the ion beam. In this work CNT the heterojunction influence on low energy ion channeling is studied. Impact ions is randomly distributed along CNT crosssection. Ion impact angle is variated in 1.4 ° range and initial azimuthal angle is randomly distributed. Ion with start energy about 300 eV per nucleus and initial angle by 15° channeled through the heterojunction will be shown. For example, (20,0)/(10,10) heterojunction is effective as apperture and decrease initial ion beam diameter up to 20 %. References 1. Z.L. Mišković, Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids 162 (2007) 185. 2. Y. Yao, et al., Nat Mater, 6 (2007) 283

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