3-4 May 2011
INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso
Europe/Rome timezone
What is the status of sterile neutrinos?
We discuss possible hints, theoretical explanations and new experimental tests.

Organizing Committee: A. Ianni, M. Mannarelli, M. Mezzetto, L. Oberauer, O. Palamara, G. Senjanovic, F. Terranova, F. Vissani, L. Votano.

Secretarial staff email:beyond3nu@lngs.infn.it

Dates: from 03 May 2011 08:30 to 04 May 2011 18:30
Timezone: Europe/Rome
Location: INFN - Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso
SS 17 bis, km 18 + 910, 67100 Assergi (AQ), Italy 
Room: E. Majorana lecture hall
Additional info: ABOUT LNGS

The Gran Sasso National Laboratory (LNGS) is one of four INFN national laboratories. It is the largest underground laboratory in the world for experiments in particle physics, particle astrophysics and nuclear astrophysics. It is a worldwide facility for scientists from 22 different countries and working on about 15 experiments. It is located between the cities of L'Aquila and Teramo, about 120 km from Rome. You can find further information on the LNGS website.


Workshop fee is 100 EUR. Cash only at registration desk is accepted. Fee includes social dinner, lunch at LNGS canteen, coffee breaks, visit to Undergound lab, shuttle bus from / to airport.


We are organizing shuttle bus routes from / to Fiumicino airport. Shuttle buses will most likely leave on May 2 from Fiumicino (12:00 am / 2:00 pm) and on May 4 and / or 5 from LNGS, based on workshop program and participants’ requests. However if shuttle buses leaving time will not fit into your travel schedule you can reach LNGS independently by train and coach or by car. You can find some general logistics and travel information on LNGS webpage.

Here you can find a very useful website of the Gaspari company which provides a few daily bus routes from Fiumicino airport to L'Aquila.

Here you can check train timetable from Fiumicino airport to Tiburtina railway station in Rome on Trenitalia website. Please note that 6 AM of May 2 was selected as starting time for this search, you can start over the search at your best convenience. Please also note that "RO TIB" means Roma Tiburtina.

Here you can find coach timetable from Rome to L'Aquila on ARPA website. Each bus route will leave from Tiburtina railway station. It is not possible to create a direct link to May 2 routes so you have to type "Roma-Stazione Tiburtina" in the departure point field on your left and "L'Aquila-Terminal Bus Collemaggio" in the arrival field on your right.

Once in L'Aquila you can take a taxi or local bus. Here you can find local bus timetable on both working days and holidays. Please note that the word "funivia" means the square where the hotels are located.


Here below you can find a list of hotels that we have contacted for the workshop. Please bear in mind that in order to reserve your room you will have to contact the hotels independently and will have to state the word "3NU" when dealing with the hotels so that they will put you in the list of people attending the workshop. Each pre-booking deal with the hotel will last until a certain date (see below). After that date of course it will still be possible to book your room but the hotels will not keep these rooms for Beyond3Nu participants only.

Hotel Fiordigigli ***
Rates: double single use 70 euro, double 90 euro
Pre-booking deadline: April 15, 2011
Address: Loc. Fonte Cerreto, 67010 Assergi (AQ)
Phone: + 39 0862 606171 / 2
Fax: + 39 0862 606674
Email: info@fiordigigli.com
Website: www.fiordigigli.com

Hotel Nido dell'Aquila ***
Rates: double single use 70 euro, double 100 euro
Pre-booking deadline: April 10, 2011
Address: Loc. Fonte Cerreto, 67010 Assergi (AQ)
Phone: + 39 0862 606840
Fax: + 39 0862 608811
Email: hotel@nidodellaquila.it
Website: www.nidodellaquila.it

Hotel Giampy ***
Rates: double single use 70 euro, double 90 euro
Pre-booking deadline: April 10, 2011
Address: SS 17Bis Km. 18, 67010 Assergi (AQ)
Phone: + 39 0862 606225
Fax: + 39 0862 606043
Email: info@hotelgiampy.it
Website: www.hotelgiampy.it - www.hotelgiampy.eu

Hotel Cristallo ***
Rates: double single use 70 euro, double 90 euro
Pre-booking deadline: April 4, 2011
Address: Loc. Fonte Cerreto, 67010 Assergi (AQ)
Phone: + 39 0862 606678
Fax: +39 0862 606688
Email: info@hotelcristallolaquila.it
Website: www.hotelcristallolaquila.it

Further information about workshop program, shuttle bus and other issues will be posted very soon. Please check back for updates.